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*angry fire bird noises* Welcome to Get To Know Your Staff! Today, we are here visiting the site of the historic volcanic eruption in our glorious gracious motherland. As some of you might know, yesterday, the entire Help Force server caught on fire.

The reason for the fire is believed to be The Great Volcano Of Possum And Lice. All of the channels and categories, and even our amazing Marshal Scorp, were found to be burning with no end in sight following the eruption. However, after the burning and the destruction had abided, an astoundingly beautiful bird rose from the ashes!

Exclusive picture of Phoenix trying to flee the scene

Despite being on fire, I ran after the bird. And it turned out to be none other than our very elusive staff member Phoenix. Now, rules are rules, if I catch a staff member alone I am allowed to kidnap them and interrogate them. But before we do that, let me tell you some interesting things about Phoenix.

Phoenix is a US Division staff member who has been with the Help Force for more than a year now. She holds the prestigious “HF Power Troop” award. She is also one of the funniest staff members, officially recognized as Elp’s mailman. She is active during US times, and can be found declining the various troops and staff who want her to join VC. I have also received reports that Phoenix makes lots of typos and is proud of them, although I cannot claim to have witnessed it myself. Overall, she is yet another integral part of our US division, and I bet you can’t wait for the interview to begin, so here we go!

Why were you in such a hurry when I approached you? Were you busy doing something?

Hot girl sh*t

How and when did you join the Help Force?

On April 7th 2020, i was approached in the dojo in cpr about joining a penguin group. I decided to join cause why not ya know? I like penguins abd i like groups. Now like a year and a half later i am here so :panshrug:

You’ve been in HF since such a long time, that is great! Can you tell us about some of the memories you remember the most?

The best memories would have to be intense battles, especially tournaments. Those were always a blast. Any HF holidays or causing chaos in general were undoubtly some of the best memories i have had on discord.

All of those are my own favorites too! Do you have any stories from your journey to the staff ranks that you would like to share?

Staying up late and still barely winning gotw was defibitely a ton of fun. However one of my favorite stories was when recruiting and even attending events was super rough because cpr cracked down on armies but we all stuck with it and pushed through despite it being rough. I think It was right around the midevil party, i wonder when that starts…

What was the thing about HF that made you want to stay when you arrived here?

As cliche as it sounds, the wonderful community, and more accurately the people in it. I have met so many great people and even some of my closest friends in this server. I stayed because of the kindness and level of caring soke people showed that is very hard to find. I didn’t want to walk away from that.

Do you remember the day you were promoted to staff? If so, please describe it!

Applications for staff had opened so i decided to try my hand at it. Me, along with 6 others were acceptes as general in training. That trial process was stressful and felt like it went on forever. We helped each other out some through it and all did our best. Despite the stress it was a ton of fun and one of my favorite memories here honestly. At the end of the almost 2 weeks, all 7 of us had successfully made it to becoming generals!

What are your hobbies outside of CPA?

When i am not selling my soul to help force i am probably listening to music. I listen to music almost nonstop its not a problem i swear i love to draw and play piano but i have been busy with life and classwork so i havent done that as much as id like. Idk if petting dogs is a hobby but i spend a lot of time just vibing with my fat beagles

Which subjects did you like the most in school?

I always enjoyed science classes the most and still do. Specefically chemistry has been one of my favorite classes. Some math classes have even been kinda fun, but at the end if the day, its math ya know? Really anything that isnt history or language i am down for. I am so so bad at language :skullbear:

What is the inspiration behind your name? Why did you pick Phoenix?

Actually, it was originally chickn strips. There isnt a story or anything behind that name, i just chose it. I eventually changed it to phoenix cause i liked the name and was kinda tired of chickn. Everyone thought i was a boy aanyways and i kinda just liked phoeix better. There isnt a story behind either name, i just heard it and was like, “yeah that sounds cool” :sunglassesHQ:

Alright that’s almost the end of the interview! Is there anything you would like to say to the readers?

Dont sell your soul to the devil #GiveStaffFood

And then she flew away

Scorpion Demon

Help Force Marshall 

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