Hello Lovely Helpers! Today we logged on Ascent of Club Penguin Rewritten for a Practice Battle with our Brother Allies Army of Club penguin. We did some amazing tactics and formations in the Night Club, Stage and Ice rink led by RU, Snow and Phoenix! Then it was followed by a Club Penguin Trivia led by both armies Staff! Thank you all for attending 😀 Hope to see you in the next one

MAX: 18+

Comment below if you attended!


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Get To Know Your Staff – Phoenix

*angry fire bird noises* Welcome to Get To Know Your Staff! Today, we are here visiting the site of the historic volcanic eruption in our glorious gracious motherland. As some of you might know, yesterday, the entire Help Force server caught on fire. Continue reading


Hello lovely Helpers! Today we logged on to Ascent on Club penguin rewritten to enjoy the amazing music jamming party!! Everyone brought their favourite Instrument and chanted various Tactics with amazing Formations led by SnowyMaya, Rooboo, Phoenix, Alex and Joe! Also huge thank you to all the helpers who attended, Great Job everyone! 😀 

MAX: 31+

Comment below if you attended the event!

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Hey there Helpers! Today we logged onto CPR to claim another server, Ice Cream. After a successful invasion, staff and troops played a fun game of hide and seek. Thank you Maya, Snowy, Phoenix, and Snowflake❄Soft for leading!

MAX: 26+

Comment below if you attended the invasion!

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