[EU] Invasion of Cream Soda

Greetings Helpers! Today was another great day as we logged onto CPRewritten – Ascent to invade Cream Soda, a server held by the Silver Empire. We marched with our fellow comrades from the Army of Club Penguin and the Red Ravagers and unleashed vengeance upon the Silvers by seizing another of their territory.
Congratulations to everyone on invading Cream Soda.

Thanks to our battle leaders Vedant, Nell, Joe and Wynn. Special shoutout to Zellybelly!

Max: 25+

Max Picture

Thank you all once again for attending the invasion.

13 Responses

  1. I attended!

    CPR: FooFee112
    Discord: Joe!#0175

  2. name: rheana#0545
    cpr: javi1515

    my favourite part of the battle was seeing smoke come from my laptop 😀

  3. discord:victini

    we did a good job,lets keep this up for hf

  4. I attended!

  5. discord: Mayathefirst#2481
    cpr: tulip38

  6. discord: ꭻꭺꮯꮶꮖꭼ#9344
    CPR: Kiiee

    my laptop is dying<33

  7. discord: ameliaa#2076
    CPR: ppenguinn3

  8. sophie_sapphire#7228

  9. Walver#1301

  10. I was there!
    Discord: SiriusBlack
    Penguin name: Sirius BIacK

  11. Discord: PinguMaliz #0240
    CPR: PingumalinHF
    I attended!

  12. Discord: Vortre#7777
    CPR: NotVortre
    Good job everyone

  13. Smowflake
    great job

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