PokéStaff: Pokédex Entry #2

PokéStaff is a series of posts that will revolve around the theme of the popular video game/ anime Pokémon. Let us continue with our journey of classifying the staff members as Pokémon based on their personalities!

Barnito – Mewtwo

Even mild Pokémon fans know about Mewtwo – the strongest Pokémon ever. In the games, every trainer strives to be as strong as Mewtwo – in the end, it takes your entire team to defeat this single Pokémon (if you even manage to do that). Mewtwo has a strong sense of justice, and isn’t afraid of helping anyone who might be in need (Eg: Genesect and the Legend Awakened). It does not like associating with morally corrupt people, and protects its friends at all costs while fighting its own troubles. All of this strongly reminds one of Barnito, the commander of Help Force. Barnito’s nature is more or less similar to Mewtwo, especially when it comes to interacting with his army’s troops. In no way does he ever make them feel inferior, and he strives to keep HF safe and positive for everyone.

Nell – Ho Oh

Something about Ho Oh just screams, “Oh that’s Nell.” After all, it is one of the most powerful legendary Pokémon, introduced early in the anime, believed to bring happiness to anyone who has the rare opportunity to see it. It forms a duo with Lugia, Ho Oh being the Guardian of the Skies and Lugia being the Guardian of the Seas. Moreover, it is the master of the legendary beast trio (Entei, Suicune, and Raikou). In a similar way, the Flaming Queen Nell provides some much needed positivity and happiness to not only the staff but all troops, and she can be a powerful leader whenever the situation demands. Also, did I mention she loves Fire types?

Wynn – Lugia

A legendary pokemon that is considered as the Guardian of the Sea and a protector of pokemon. Lugia has immense power and is like the superior of Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos- the legendary bird trio. It is kind and considerate. However, Lugia always keeps to itself, except when it meets someone with a particularly good heart. When it does appear, it is usually playful but does not hesitate to unleash attacks that cause massive destruction when provoked. This relates very well to the shy but strong Wynn. She works tirelessly for the Help Force, organizing everything she can and helping out across all three time zones. Also, Lugia forms a duo with Ho Oh, just like Wynn does with Nell 😀

Scorp – Darkrai

Ahh, describing myself – the one thing I’m good at. I guess I would be Darkrai, because for some weird reason or the other, new members who meet me for the first time leave the encounter scared of me. Darkrai, being the nightmare pokemon, fits this description pretty well. I prefer working alone and keeping people other than my friends at a distance, just like Darkrai does. In fact, Darkrai’s intentions are often misunderstood because of its power to trap people in their nightmares. Despite first appearances, Darkrai has a pure heart and does what it has to for the protection of the people and to maintain the balance in the world. Also I really love its design.

Mayathefirst – Lickitung

Because she loves licking her lollipops!

Desireus – Charjabug

Vroom vroom vroom vrooooooooooooom

Charjabug is a Bug/Electric type pokemon that can turn into a car and well Desi always has those amazing car pfps XD. He’s friendly and supportive but also doesn’t talk much >:( Charjabug often stores electricity while being dormant and can give it to other pokemon or even be used as a battery so that’s a pretty good analogy. But the most prominent thing is that Charjabug evolves into the fortress like pokemon Vikavolt. It can unleash blasts of powerful electric attacks and can fly at high speeds even as it weaves its way through the complicated tangle of branches in the forest.

zoom zoom zoom zooooooooooooom

Alex – Zigzagoon

Well, Alex is a racoon, Zigzagoon is a racoon. Alex is friendly and calm and cute, Zigzagoon is friendly and calm and cute. Alex is naturally curious and finds stuff in the grass, Zigzagoon finds stuff hidden in the grass. Alex steals food, Zigzagoon steals food. Alex evolves into his powerful racoco form, Zigzagoon evolves into Linoone. It’s like the creators of Pokemon were spying on Alex when they designed this pokemon :0

Ru – Mew/Dartrix

Ru is the well-recognized AUSIA Queen of the Help Force. She is friends with almost everyone, and she truly cares for anyone whom she meets. Her nature is similar to Mew, who always protects the pokemon and humans around it. Mew can transform into other pokemon as well, to deal with whatever threat exists to the good people around it. Also, Ru’s playful nature is very similar to Mew’s, and she often goes by the nickname MewMew.

While Ru is certainly Mew, she sometimes also displays the extreme qualities of a Dartrix. She is always making sure that everything around her is going on perfectly, in a good way of course. She is ferocious when it comes to facing her enemies! So scary that I’m getting scared even thinking about it… so I will stop writing about her now…

AbsoluteTrash – Gengar

Osama is someone who loves jokes, whether they be on someone else’s expense or his own. He has a pleasant personality, but at the same time, he is also sarcastic and edgy. His confidence is somewhat reminiscent of a Meowth, but for the most part, he is similar to Gengar, a pokemon that loves playing pranks and laughing. I don’t need to remind the Pokémon fans of Gengar’s powerful canon-like strength that can take out any opponent with ease.

Snowy – Alolan Ninetales

Snowy is one of the most graceful staff members in the Help Force. She has a calm and pleasant nature, and working with her never leaves you disappointed! She contributes in huge amounts to the US timezone, to the extent that you could even say that she rules over it alongside Joe. Overall, Snowy reminds me of an alolan Ninetales. Ninetales’ character is very similar to Snowy, and just like Snowy, Ninetales’ moveset is flexible enough to be both aesthetically pleasing and powerful!

Mandal – Charizard

Charizard is one of the most popular pokemon throughout the history of Pokemon. While its fellow Kanto starters Bulbasaur and Squirtle slowly faded into history, it continues to dominate both anime and game battles with its powerful attacks and ability to switch into Dragon type when mega evolved. Mandal is similar to a Charizard – his work ethic is one of the strongest in the Help Force. Mandal is a person who does not just stick to his strengths but contributes to whatever is lacking in that moment. His strong personality is the reason why Mandal is a Charizard.

That brings an end to the Pokédex Entry series! However, PokéStaff is not done yet, there are still many more surprises coming your way 😀 Stay tuned and come back next week for the next post in the PokéStaff series! Signing off,

Scorpion Demon

Help Force Marshal 

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