Hello Helpers, today we logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten once again to defend our glorious motherland from Silver empire with the Vengeance Alliance. Everyone fought valiantly on the battlefield covering and out speeding them left and right, taking home the victory 3 – 0, thank you all for attending.

Thanks to our battle leaders — Vedant, Nell, Joe, Sanya and Yeti from ACP and RR. Fear the Force.

MAX: 29+

Max Pic:

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13 Responses

  1. Discord: NervousZippo #3663
    CPR: NervousZip

  2. Discord: Joe!#0175

    CPR: FooFee112

  3. My pc froze that’s what happened
    username:Seif#2541 you know me in the server as Dark

  4. i am dark again just wanted to say my cpr is Seifreda1

  5. Discord: ꭻꭺꮯꮶꮖꭼ#9344
    CPR: Kiiee

  6. Dis: Vixx#1759
    Cpr: Vixxyi

    Good battle guys!

  7. Discord: ILikeChimken#8341

    The battle was so intense lol- It was probably my first battle I participated. It was a great battle, even though it was kinda laggy xD

  8. Ppenguinn3

  9. Discord: PinguMaliz #0240
    CPR: PingumalinHF
    I didn’t think I would come for the battle ’cause it was late but sleep and school ain’t gonna stop me from defending our land. Amazing battle as always!

  10. I was very exiting and fun and definetly it was worth to stay up late!
    Discord name: SiriusBlack
    Penguin name: Sirius BIacK

  11. discord: rheana#0545
    cpr: javi1515

    my laptop died 50 times but i stayed to help the motherland 😀

  12. discord: Mayathefirst#2481
    cpr: tulip38

  13. EBlorimer#2002
    I attended, Amazing battle, it was a new experience to join two other armies in this battle and follow other army’s staff for commands. 😁👍

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