Stories From The Past – March Madness

ZIPLINE, Scorpion Demon’s Office – Greetings! Interested in hearing a story from the golden legends of our glorious gracious motherland? You have come to the right person! Today’s story revolves around March Madness, a Club Penguin Army tournament hosted by CP Army Headquarters in, well, March XD.

March Madness is a historic tournament conducted by the army community generally in March. The tournament is infamous for the several controversies that occur during the final phases of its matches. In a club penguin tournament, armies face off against each other in back to back battles. Usually, the tournament is conducted in a single elimination format. So, if an army loses, it gets disqualified and the winner advances to the next round. March Madness officially began on March 13th. It featured twelve armies in the first round. The tournament battles were fought only on Club Penguin Rewritten.

Help Force’s journey in the March Madness began on March 21st, 2021. We faced off against the Silver Empire, and easily won the battle 3-0! The Helpers maxed a total of 57 for the confrontation, and advanced to the next round where we faced our allies, the Ice Warriors. This was one of the most awaited battles of the season, as both armies were top dogs in the community.

On the day of the battle, the Helpers maxed 80 on the battlefield, roughly 10 penguins more than the Warriors. However, despite superior tactics and an overall winning performance from HF, the battle went into Overtime. In battles, if the judges are not able to decide a clear winner, a fourth room is announced and the winner of that room wins the battle. That room is called overtime. In the end, the victory was given to the Ice Warriors instead of the Help Force. However, the Help Force leadership believed that this was an unfair verdict, and appealed for a review. The review failed to properly judge the battle, and in the end, a great injustice occurred on that day, March 27th. Click here to read the official post regarding the series of events.

This completely unprofessional behavior on part of the CP Army Headquarters led to several armies, including Ice Warriors and Rebel Penguin Federation, withdrawing their participation in the league. A new league was created, called CP Army Network, that promised a much more fair, professional and unbiased system that would serve armies.

However, we decided to put that bitter incident in the past, and transform that date into a day that would forever bring joy and happiness to the troops. Or should I rather say, COMPLETE CHAOS!! As some of you might know, following the Semi-Finals loss in the CPAHQs tournament, the Help Force celebrates the 27th day of every month as Overtime?? Day. Commander Elp transforms the army into a colosseum, where staff members face off against each other in brutal gladiator fights. Nah just kidding, they just play rock paper scissors. Think that’s childish? Wait until you hear the twist… the loser of the game gets demoted. And, the person who defeats all of the other staff members is rewarded with the Commander role, while all the other people including the Commanders themselves are demoted. This tradition has been successfully happening since more than 7 months now, and this month will mark the 8th Overtime?? Day.

So now you know the whole story of the infamous March Madness tournament, and the reason why we celebrate Overtime?? Day. Come back next time for another story from the Help Force’s past!

Scorpion Demon

Help Force Marshal

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