The Journey of March Madness


This post was made as an appreciation to every hard worker behind the scenes, every attendee, and every person that dedicated and contributed to the results we achieved! The preparation the whole team contributed with will always be stamped within! From recruiting to amazing themes, the preparation was unfolded into a journey to remember…


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Help Force Daily: March to Victory!

Hello Helpers! As you all know we have reached the Finals in the March Madness tournament, and as we march closer to the grand battle day against the Rebel Penguin Federation, let us look at how the Helpers have been preparing themselves for the battle.

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Hey Helpers! Today we logged onto CPRewritten for the finals of March Madness ’22. Thank you Wynn, Snowy, and Scorp for leading. Thank you everyone for attending, and congrats to IW for winning the tournament.

MAX: 66+ 

Comment below if you attended the battle!

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Stories From The Past – March Madness

ZIPLINE, Scorpion Demon’s Office – Greetings! Interested in hearing a story from the golden legends of our glorious gracious motherland? You have come to the right person! Today’s story revolves around March Madness, a Club Penguin Army tournament hosted by CP Army Headquarters in, well, March XD.

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Administration Statement: March Madness Verdict

Administration Statement:
Regarding the verdict of the March-Madness Semi-Finals

“There’s no bias when it comes to facts, and there’s no bias when it comes to decency.”

ZIPLINE, Help Force HQ — It has been over 36 hours since we battled the Ice Warriors in the March Madness Semi-Finals, organized by CPAHQ. Both armies gave their best in the battle, but our best was better, and the judges couldn’t see it for what it was: a Help Force victory. We were disappointed with the judgement and thus asked for a review of the battle in the hopes of an overturn. Sadly, the organization failed to uphold its morals as well as serve true justice. However, what has recently come to light has alarmed us to the extent that we cannot turn a blind eye to it anymore.

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