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Administration Statement: March Madness Verdict

Administration Statement:
Regarding the verdict of the March-Madness Semi-Finals

“There’s no bias when it comes to facts, and there’s no bias when it comes to decency.”

ZIPLINE, Help Force HQ — It has been over 36 hours since we battled the Ice Warriors in the March Madness Semi-Finals, organized by CPAHQ. Both armies gave their best in the battle, but our best was better, and the judges couldn’t see it for what it was: a Help Force victory. We were disappointed with the judgement and thus asked for a review of the battle in the hopes of an overturn. Sadly, the organization failed to uphold its morals as well as serve true justice. However, what has recently come to light has alarmed us to the extent that we cannot turn a blind eye to it anymore.

The False Verdicts

The major debate regarding the battle centred around the rooms: Iceberg and Stadium. While we have proofs that convey a relevant size advantage in each of the competed rooms, we also agree that size is not the only thing that determines a battle result.

Click on the image to enlarge.

Sizes were superior, a similar number of tactics, and a major difference in the number of big word bubbles used (which are considered weak tactics). Yet, the verdict wasn’t in our favour.

Recounting the second room shows that the size difference was smaller than reported, at a 5 troop advantage for the Help Force (39-34).

~ CPAHQ’s Final Verdict

Ah yes, the only judge from that judging panel which counted the size, and that too was performed not manually, but through a button in-game.

I don’t remember this battle being on a customized server with army name-tags. If that’s the case, then why were sizes not counted manually?

Many people have had trouble distinguishing IW troops from HF troops in this battle.

~ CPAHQ’s Final Verdict

There is a difference between having trouble distinguishing troops and completely thinking of a formation to be someone else’s.

The amount of “misjudgements” during this battle from the panel is nothing but hilarious to witness. Did someone steal your eyeballs during the battle? or did you decide a winner before the battle even began? That’s where the main question lies.

After reviewing a video of the overtime room, it became apparent that there was a slight error made in judging.  This error was the statement that HF did not move until 7 minutes into the overtime room. However, after reviewing judge logs, this factor did not play a major part into the judges decision.

~ CPAHQ’s Final Verdict

I’m not ready to believe that it can’t be a major factor in decision-making. Anyone in agreement is not fit to be a judge. It’s not a “slight mistake” to not see someone’s formation change for three straight minutes. All of these “judgements” determined the result of the battle, and sticking to the verdict just for the sake of it expresses bias. From what I’ve gathered so far, SIZE does not matter. FORMATIONS does not matter. NONE of these plays a major part in judges decision. Nice guidelines bro, what does matter anymore?

What exactly is the point of a review if you’re going to review it with the same set of judges? Please message me the name of whatever you’re smoking.

 IWs performance was tantalizing after multiple reviews, demonstrating a masterclass in making up for a size disadvantage.

~CPAHQ’s Final Verdict

17 big word bubbles compared to 4, in one room, and you call that a masterclass. What a joke. By doing this, you’ve announced a message to the army community that big word bubbles will make you win battles.

We can set out guidelines, sure, but overstepping the boundary of those guidelines can create a “meta game” within Club Penguin armies.

~ CPAHQ’s Final Verdict

So, you don’t want to set out guidelines basically. Armies go into battle unbeknownst to whether or not they can win the activity they’re partaking in, because they don’t know what’s necessary for them to win. But to be honest, I agree with you. We should not create guidelines that lay the groundwork for the creation of a meta. So now statements like “size aren’t everything, and that’s only a 10 penguin difference” should be normalised. Of course, I don’t know what your “guidelines” to judging are, but this statement makes me giggle for sure.

both HF and CPAHQ show that the size advantage was at 8 penguins up until the :04 mark. By the :09 mark, the difference was cut down to 4. This shows that the door was still open for IW to win the room.

~ CPAHQ’s Final Verdict

Woo! Having 8 size advantage in a room with a maximum size of 70 [not inclusive of judges] for 4 minutes straight stands no chance in front of a 4 size DISADVANTAGE in the 60 seconds between 09 to 10. Wait I’m totally forgetting about the minutes: 04 to 09, but I’m sure it’s unimportant as compared to the previous one.

All of this points to the fact that the judging panel members weren’t fit to declare a winner of such an intense battle. Yet, you used the same people for determining the result of the review. Claiming it’s a “varying opinion” does not discredit facts.

Room 2 and OT Room

“Varying Opinions”

While “opinions vary”, it seems that they don’t vary that much. The community’s neutral set did not widely accept the battle’s results, including two of the organization administrators speaking up favouring us. Below are the screenshots of different individuals who hold an influential position in the community favouring a verdict change. Note that these are just a small set of such pictures; if you’d like to see more, message me on discord.


Most of the neutral perspectives about the battle favoured us, except for the same judging panel’s that CPAHQ considered. We have been robbed of a fair and true victory, and the weak media is the sole baton holder regarding that.


A controversial piece of news started to circulate in the community after CPAHQ announced the final result. Claims of a last-minute result change were overheard, which led us to investigate the issue.

Is your sense of justice so brittle that you don’t even believe in yourself? It’s not about winning or losing anymore. It’s about how the procedure was carried out. You failed to uphold your morals, you failed to serve fair judgement to a forty-minute battle, and you’ve failed the community once again.

We have grown to become valiant fighters over the course of three years. A journey that started from a max of three now gets hundreds of people active at the same time. The grind will not stop. You can oppress us through your judgements, but we’ll break free and rise higher than you ever expected us to, and that’s what I call the power of the force.

In light of the recent events and “misjudgements” carried out by the Club Penguin Army Headquarters, Help Force will be pulling out from the organisation’s operations. That includes events like tournaments, top tens, and other media activities.
All members are requested to leave their discord server immediately.

Along with that, we’d also like to congratulate the two armies which progressed into the finals: Ice Warriors and Army of Club Penguin. We wish you a fair judgement and an intense final battle.

Unleash the Power of Helping.





Help Force Commanders

Justice delayed is justice denied.

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