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Patrons of Patreon: EB

Welcome back to Patrons of Patreon! The mini-series where I get to interview our amazing donators that donate their money to help keep the HF community up and running! Today I have the pleasure of interviewing HF Colonel and designer EB!

Maisie: Hey EB!

EB: Heyy :please:

Maisie: How are you doing today?

EB: I’m doing great, how about you? :huehue:

Maisie: Aw I’m glad! I’m good, thank you so much for agreeing to this interview! For the readers who don’t know you could you introduce yourself?

EB: Well, My name is EBlorimer, but everyone can just call me EB and I joined HF in October 2020. I am a designer in HF as well as a Patreon supporter :huehue: :thumbsup:

Maisie: Amazing, may I ask what made you donate to HF Patreon?

EB: Well, Aside from the fact that the rewards for donating looked enticing :joy: I really wanted to support HF in more than one way, so I figured that maybe through the Patreon, I can support HF even further :huehue: :HFsalute:

Maisie: Haha fair enough, the custom roles are :sparkles:aesthetic:sparkles: on the subject of HF, what are you favourite part of the community and is there anything you would change?

EB: I absolutely love the community in HF. My Favorite part is mainly the activities we do such as fun events and battles. But I also love the socialization part of HF, at times, and there is nothing that I would change In HF. :please: :hflove:

Maisie: Aw that’s so nice, its there any events or battles that have stood out for you in the past?

EB: It’s very exciting preparing for battle. I thought many of the battles were awesome, but my favorites were fright or fight tournament and the Christmas chaos battles. :huehue: :HFsalute:

Maisie: Ah yes they were some good battles! Moving outside of HF do you have any hobbies or special skills?

EB: Well, my hobbies include listening to music, making artwork and playing video games. My skills are pretty simple like Art, Analytical Skills and Time-management Skills Lol :huehue:

Maisie: Oh awesome what kind of art do you do?

EB: I mainly do fan art or inspired artwork from video games or anime I know :huehue: And also the HF fanart :HFsalute: :hflove:

Maisie: That’s so cool! I have two final questions for you EB before you are free from this interview. First of all, If you could play one song in VC what would it be?

EB: Lol :rofl: It would be a pretty boring song, and preferably I would play it to myself. But I would probably play Feel good inc by the Gorillaz :huehue: :thumbsup:

Maisie: That’s a great song! Not boring at all 🙂 my final question is if you have anything you would like to say to the lovely readers?

EB: To all the beautiful readers, I would like to thank you all for reading this interview, I greatly appreciate it. And always strive for something great, and never give up! :please: :hflove:

Maisie: Fabulous, Thank you ever so much for interview EB!

EB: Thank you :EH: It was a pleasure :please:

And that’s the wrap! Once again thank you to the lovely EB for agreeing to this interview and thank you to all of you who are reading this – I hope it was worth your time 🙂

If you too, would like to donate fund the Help Force’s projects, DM 𝔹arnito#1806 for a PayPal link and more information!

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