Help Force Daily: March to Victory!

Hello Helpers! As you all know we have reached the Finals in the March Madness tournament, and as we march closer to the grand battle day against the Rebel Penguin Federation, let us look at how the Helpers have been preparing themselves for the battle.

March Madness is known for being one of the greatest annual tournaments in the armies Community, despite its controversial history during past years but the Helpers won’t be affected by such matter as they have always proved themselves strong at any tournament, and that they are always striving for Victory as they have always been.

Last week, we had a very strong and long battle against the Templars of Club Penguin and since we are fortunate enough to have amazing troops in the Community, we were able to take that win home, feeling proud of ourselves of how clean and wonderful the tactics were. We also had to do an Overtime room during that battle, in which we were victorious, and we have shown other armies that the Helpers are always on top and ready for everything!

Help Force vs Templars

After that strong Battle, our leaders announced a Medieval takeover theme as a first preparation for the battle, in which the Helpers will put on Medieval profile pictures and write on their statuses #MarchtoVictory, as the Helpers are always marching forwards and only victory can make them return with joy. Loss is not a word we know, WE MARCH TO VICTORY!!!!

Medieval Takeover Announcement

The channels and the ranks got renamed as well to a Medieval version, the server is all hyped up and ready for the final battle, and as always the chats are filled with excitement as time passes, and the Helpers become hungrier for the victory. THE TROOPS MARCH TO VICTORY!!!!

Medieval Channel Names

Medieval Ranks

Lastly, the Helpers decided to do an army training in order to prepare themselves for the intense grand final battle that is incoming on Saturday, the Helpers went on with doing tactics and clean forms as usual, proving that even when they aren’t battling, they are always ready to take on everything put against them or any obstacle in their way, THE HELPERS MARCH TO VICTORY!!!!

Army Training Event


That’s it for today, Helpers! We all wait that great battle excited and hyped up to take that trophy home, so get yourself prepared, the next battle won’t be an easy one and focus on the task at hand and make sure your tactics and forms are always smooth! Make sure to like the post if you enjoyed it. MARCHING TO VICTORY!!!!

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  1. idk about the rest of you, but I think he’s ready to mArCh tO vIcToRy !!!!! XDDDDDDDDDDD

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