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Hello Helpers! Today is Sunday and that can only mean one thing – new edition of Faces of the Force! If you don’t know, in this series we are interviewing the most active members of HF. Everybody has a chance to be featured! Please give a warm welcome to the newest Face of the Force… Jason Red!

Red is an experienced member of EU division with the rank of First Lieutenant. You can meet him in the chat everyday and easily recognize him by the Clint Eastwood gifs he often uses. If you are a fan of a British accent, you can join the voice chat with him for a relaxing ASMR session and talk about movies, games or who knows, maybe you can even make him sing? Today will be a perfect day to say hi to him in the chat because guess what!




Wynn: Hi Red, thank you for joining me today! How was your day?

Red: Very good thank you! My pleasure to be here and thank you for having me.

Wynn: The pleasure is mine! Let’s start with the first question then! When did you joined Help Force?

Red: I joined help force roughly 4 months ago, on the 21st September 2020.

Wynn: I actually remember that day and I love how from somebody who was interrupting our event you became such a committed member! Can you you tell the whole story to our readers?

Red: Yes haha, well i remember making a club penguin rewritten account to re-live my childhood. It was a normal day, when i saw a weird crowd of penguins in the town. They told me they help people collect stamps, and do fun events. I was not interested at first, and i tried to test them to see if they would help me get stamps. After a while, i became more and more interested in these people, so i decided to watch. At the end of the event, i was approached by a few penguins, including Diwix, Skillz, Sam, and a few others, who told me about HF. I was convinced and i joined. 4 months later, i was part of this amazing family of fun people. I do not regret joining HF.

Wynn: I wanted to recruit you that day as well but they were faster. What is your favourite memory so far?

Red: It is hard to say what my favourite memory was, every moment in HF is so unique, i have had many awesome memories, like all of our battles, spending time on HF Island, i enjoyed the weddings we have had, listening to Elp singing, spending time in VC with everyone, playing games. I have loved all of my time here and it is very hard to favourite a memory.

Wynn: I can understand that 🙂 Is that what motivates you to be active and to work for the community? The good memories and friends you made? Or maybe you would add something more to the list?

Red: Well, during my early HF days, i was just active for the events and stamps. I had to move house during the start of my HF days and i could not really do many events or segments. I also moved away from many friends that i knew, so HF became my friend group after that time. And HF has become a family to me. Everyone here is so unique, they all have amazing personalities, awesome senses of humour, good taste in games and music, and are great fun to be around. HF has given me some of the best and genuine friends i have ever met.

Wynn: I can relate, and joining HF was the best thing that happened to me in 2020. Is there a chance it will motivate you to go for GotW soon? Are you planning to add getting that award to the list of your good memories?

Red: Haha i have thought about GOTW. Although i may not have a lot of spare time to go for GOTW, I love collecting as many things as possible, like stamps for example. I don’t like seeing blank spaces, they have to be filled with awards and roles!! So yes, i might go for GOTW one day. I like a challenge, and HF members are very hard to compete against. However, with hard work i may be able to get GOTW one day.

Wynn: Good luck, I hope you will get that award and even more! It’s clear that you are very fond of Help Force but is there something that you would like to change or add to it?

Red: I think HF hitting the 7000 member count is an amazing accomplishment. I am very impressed with the amount of recruits we manage to get everyday. But i have noticed that some of our members are not very active. So i think that maybe we can take 1 segment a week maybe, where instead of getting new members, we can message some of our current members who are not as active, and encourage them to get back into HF and take part in events and games.

Wynn: That’s an interesting idea actually and I heard something similar from another person already! I need to definitely look deeper into this! We talked a lot about Help Force but what are you doing in your free time, when you are not online on discord?

Red: Well, the last year or so has limited what i can do haha, but i still have some hobbies which i love to do still. I am a major music fan, i am always singing around the house lol (don’t ask me to sing for you in vc though). I have played the drums for more than 8 years, and i will start to learn piano soon and maybe guitar. I love skateboarding, so when summer comes around i will definitely be doing that. I like going for a run in the hills where i live, and i love living in the countryside. I also enjoy a little gardening, growing vegetables etc… I play games when im relaxing, and i LOVE watching movies with the family.

Wynn: Of course, I won’t ask you to sing, nor I will encourage others to make you :haha: Sounds like you do a lot in your life and I love it! What’s your favorite movie then? Or a few of them?

Red: As a massive movie fan i don’t have one favourite, i have loadssss!!!. Ironically one of my favourites is called “Red”, starring Bruce Willis, great action/comedy film. Another classic is “Ratatouille ” which i love. One of my childhood favourites are “the iron giant” and “The Prince of Egypt”. I love the star wars movies. One of my favourite movie companies are DreamWorks. Yeah i just love films. My favourite actors are Tom Cruise, Jim Carey, Matt Damon and Clint Eastwood. The old western/cowboy films i also love

Wynn: I’m not sure how to describe it but i can totally feel the “western vibes” coming from you :huehue: Does your nick come from that movie or not?

Red: The name “RED” came from my original club penguin name. In the OG club penguin days, i was called RedRanger217. When club penguin closed, and CPR came out i wanted to make a new nickname. So i chose “RedReturns” hehe. What is weird about the name “Red” is that i have many things i like that have the name Red in. i mentioned the film “Red”, i also am i big fan of a book called “Red rising” which is about a human colony on mars, and a book called “Red Fever” which is a post apocalyptic book. Ironically my favourite colour is lime green not red lol.

Wynn: Lol! I don’t know any of those books but I will try to find them when I’m on mood for some science fiction! For our last question – is there anything that you would like to tell to the Helpers who are reading this?

Red: Yes, HF is an amazing opportunity to make new friends, have fun, experience a range of different cultures and people, and make new memories which you can treasure. I recommend even if you don’t have the time to do events, try to say hello in the chat and to try and socialise a bit. You can learn so much from the people here, life lessons which can help you in your working/everyday life. I have learnt many things. It has also boosted my confidence in both my social skills and my confidence in myself and my own ability. HF is a second family to me and i will always remember this place, and the friends which i have made.

Wynn: I’m happy that you are a part of our “little” family :luv: Thank you for your time Red and I hope to find some time to talk about books or games again soon! Have a nice evening!

Red: Thank you very much for taking the time to do this, i am grateful for all the hard work you do and the time you spend making HF awesome. Have a good evening, and take care.


And that sadly concludes this Sunday’s edition of Faces of the Force! Thank you again for your time Red and thank you everybody who is reading this! Hope you are looking forward to the next week’s FotF! Please let us know in the comments if you enjoyed the interview and don’t forget to wish Red happy birthday if you meet him in the server!


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