The Blogger Club Welcomes Senior Bloggers

Help Force for long, has had its bloggers, as they come and go, they never had a chance to prove that they were wonderful writers and they never had a promotional goal to work towards. But not for longer, as HF Welcomes a brand new role, Senior Blogger

At the start of Generation VII, HF welcomed multiple new Bloggers, in an attempt to revive the website and keep it consistent with new and exciting things. S far, things are going well. So to award our 12 Bloggers & Staff, we introduced the Senior Blogger Role. What is the “Senior Blogger” and how does it differ from the normal Blogger role you ask? Well, in our new system, Bloggers are anyone that chooses to write for HF, nothing more. Senior Bloggers, are those that have written for HF for a long time and have grasped the writing quality HF looks for.

Senior Bloggers have their own perks like the ability to make their own series from scratch, and even be “Blogger Advisors” to our writers. With new perks for them in the works, this position is definitely something worth working for.

With the launch of this system a few weeks ago within the blogger hub, we welcomed Snowy as our first Senior Blogger and BoTM.(Read below to know what this is)

She acquired this post because of her dedication to the HF Beacon as well as her insightful Nap Segment Insights.

Today, we welcome our second Senior Blogger. Wynn. The reason I gave her a Blogger promotion so quick is because of her impeccable interviews! They add a good conversational feeling as she engages with people very well through her interviews. Another reason, is because she has always given me no valid reason to make changes to her post. She always had perfect posts! Congrats Wynn, cant wait to see more of your posts!

About the BoTM role. That’s a new role that’s hoisted right along our Award Winners! Every month, a “Blogger of The Month” is selected. The way to qualify for this position is to have atleast 2 posts in 1 month. After which, a winner is selected!

BoTM have some perks as well! They get to have a custom colored hoisted role alongside the other Award Winners, bragging rights and finally a BoTM congratulatory post on the site!

So, that’s all our new additions for our wonderful bloggers who put a lot of time and effort into making the website a better place. If you would like to join this exclusively great club, DM Jayden.#2004 for a quick interview as we are always looking for new bloggers!

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