HF’s Valentine’s Day Writing Competition

Heart to Heart – Help Force’s Writing Competition for Valentine’s Day!

It’s February! The month of love and friendship. It’s a time for romance and for remembering what you appreciate about yourself and significant others. This month, in celebration of Valentine’s day, we brought to you another lovely writing competition!

Our Helpers were asked to participate and write a story or a heartfelt message about one of their experiences or a fantastic one in which the main theme was love in one of its many forms.

Poets, philosophers, writers, scientists have often tried to describe it, but let’s see what our Helpers had to say… 👀

From the tons of heartwarming responses I received, from Choclatey’s love for the cheese to beautiful poems, I selected a few beautiful ones.

Our story takes place a week before Valentine’s day. It was cold and dark on the CP island, not many penguins were outside at that time. Everyone was sound asleep except for one lone penguin working at the coffee store.

He waited and waited, wiping the counter and grumpily mumbling how he wished he was at home drinking a nice cup of warm hot cocoa and trying out his new fish cake recipe. Then, as he contemplated just sleeping till the next day, he heard the door open.

He was startled! He looked at the door and saw another penguin walk in. She seemed cold and rather exhausted. The penguin working the counter served her a warm cup of coffee and she sat down. After drinking her cup of coffee she thanked the penguin and paid for her coffee, then left. This happened every night, she would always come cold and exhausted and come out happy and energetic.

Then, one day, on the day of Valentine’s this time, the penguin who was working the counter was the one who was exhausted. As he waited for the other penguin to come and get her usual order, he was surprised when she came in, holding a heart shaped box and some hot cocoa. She came up to the penguin and told him how thankful she was for the past week. They set the box and the hot cocoa on the counter. She opened the box to reveal a bunch of different choclates. The penguin working the counter smiled. She was about to head out before the penguin asked her if she would like to eat the choclates with him. They sat down and ate their choclates as one drank a coffee and the other the hot cocoa, both with a warm smile on their faces

Who doesn’t like an old fashioned Club Penguin sorry about friendship and love? Thank you, Pinglen#3579 for sharing it with us!


Love is unconditional and selfless. It knows no boundaries. Love may happen among sisters, brothers, friends, siblings, parents, neighbors, pet, relatives, partners etc. You are always available for the person whom you love. Love makes you to do the best things for your loved ones to make them feel happy & proud about themselves. When you love someone you accept their weakness too and love them for whatever they are.

Teenagers can’t stop themselves from falling in love. They can’t stop themselves from thinking about the person to whom they are attracted to. Falling in love is easy because it starts when you are attracted towards someone. But living it up is difficult because love involves commitments and sacrifices too. Love is not limited to just a feeling, but it is a way to treat others with care, respect and affection. Love is followed by tenderness, passion and devotion. So trust the people who love you. Be happy with them. Give something to them in return. Make them feel happy too. Care for them. Love them back. Protect them if required.

Thank you, kyoliz#5036. I couldn’t have put it better.

Amongst all messages and stories that you guys sent, I found one from a beloved Help Force ex-member who wanted to remind everyone how much she misses us 🙂

Hello Everyone..Im Maria…Happy Valentine’s Daaayyy! I left HF last year Oct due to a certain reason and I would really love to talk about HF!

I bet the moment you joined HF you were like ”How come I not know of this before” seeing many welcomes..If someone asks me what was THE best gift you gotin 2020 I would say the opportunity of joining HF :heart: because as a matter of fact it really was..Ive never gotten much support from friends and I dont really have much “close friends”…so joining HF and being part of this family , receiving alot of love , daily motivation much more…was really a strike in my life..No matter the people your talking to are strangers..I felt like they were my friends..people who actually cared about me unlike rl friends who dont..They make each and everyone feel that you’re really special and important..

I had so much fun in HF more than the amount of fun I ever had irl….I hope Barneyy gives Nelly a virtual rose and a couple of sweet surprises as well (bet he did that early in the morning). Most of all , I loved joining in the events and being part of the daily talk in general.

I missed a lot of fun things in HF but atleast Im grateful to have joined HF once and for getting the AMAZIN opportunity to meet lovely , caring and obviously funny and fun people as well!I wish to reunite with this loving family who taught me many things…some day and I really hope HF stays forever..one team , one family with the same loving and friendly people!

Thank you so much Nell for giving me this chance to write something lovely enough! Help Force , hope you continue being the same awesome and fun army! HELP FORCE no doubt it’s the BEST FORCE :star:

Love may vary from person to person and culture to culture, someone’s ‘I love you’ might mean something quite different than another’s, love may feel like a choice for some people and uncontrollable for others, but love will always be bigger than us and our understanding.
A huge thank you to everyone who participated! You are all fantastic people and really good writers! I can only hope you continue practising in the future. We will add all rewards very soon!


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