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Keeping Up With CPRewritten – June 2021

Hi Helpers! If you are hungry for fresh news and juicy gossip about CPRewritten, you came to the right place!

Read this month’s edition of Keeping Up With CPR carefully and don’t miss anything! In this series, you will find everything you, as an active player, need to know! Let’s dive into the parties’ plans, game updates, upcoming changes and more!

The Island is still preparing for the Prehistoric Party, with Time Machine parked at the Snow Forts and a huge Meteor that hit the earth at the Docks. It’s been postponed by a month already and all we have for now is the themed Penguin Style catalogue. Don’t lose hope though, it will arrive soon! Till then enjoy the Graduation Ceremony mini-event, decorate your igloo with new furniture and make sure to grab all the free stuff around the Island!

Music Jam Party Announced

Music Jam 2020! | Community | Club Penguin Rewritten

Great news for all the music lovers! Music Jam is confirmed to arrive this summer, after the Prehistoric Party! The team is thinking about making it a custom party but the details are yet to be revealed. All that we can be sure of is that the twilight sky is returning and that of course we will see a mascot visiting, such as Cadance and Penguin Band.  We were also already provided with the cover of June’s Penguin Style Catalogue that will be music-themed. Stay tuned for more information on our discord!


Rockhopper’s Treasure

CP Rewritten: Rockhopper's Daily Treasure System Unveiled – Club Penguin Mountains

Maintain your logging streak to receive free items! Each day you can open a new chest, watch an advertisement and get an exclusive item that is unobtainable by any other way. One of the most popular rewards is the Maroon Colour for your penguin. Don’t miss it!


Penguin Style and Igloo Catalogues

Check out May’s catalogues if you haven’t! Penguin Style, Igloo Upgrades and Better Igloos are full of prehistoric-themed clothing and furniture! Make sure to buy them all before the new catalogues are released! Here you can find the secrets from Igloo and Gift Shop Catalogues!


Other News and Gossips


  1. Graduation Ceremony still on the Island If you haven’t yet, you definitely need to check it out! Visit Dance Club for some cool decorations and the Book Room for a free item – graduation cap! You can also meet DJ Maxx and get his background and stamp! Keep an eye on our tracking channel!
  2. New pin hidden! Make sure not to miss it since one pin will never appear in the game twice! If you have problems finding it, check our discord!
  3. Don’t miss the codes! Enter AUTHENTICBROWS and COINSFORFURNI for new face items and 10 000 coins!
  4. New penguin colours! Maroon is already unlockable at Rockhopper’s Treasure but that’s not all! Stu admitted he is thinking about adding another one sometime later, most probably pastel pink!
  5. Card-Jitsu soon to return! Developers announced recently that one of the most beloved minigames shall return soon! The works have started! Moreover, the team is thinking about some improvements!


That will be all in June’s edition of Keeping Up With CPR! Thank you for reading, hope we helped you by providing all the useful information in one place! Keep an eye on our tracking channel not to miss any game updates and don’t forget to collect all the free items! See you in July!


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