Rainbow’s Igloo Catalog Guide – May 2021

Welcome back for the 2nd time for May’s Catalog! This time, we will be seeing the secret of May’s both Igloo and furniture Catalog in Club Penguin Rewritten!

For the Igloo’s catalog, we will be seeing 3 secret igloos (and location) ! For the 3rd and 4th page, we can see both the Easter Egg Hunt Location and the Log Cabin, both on the binoculars!

Next, we have the Gymnasium Igloo on the 13th Page!

Let’s see the furniture catalog next!

For the 1st and 2nd page, we have the Kiwi Seat, Grand Piano, Earth, Waterfall Pond, Judge’s Platform, Judge’s Table and the Judge’s Chair!

Next up, we have the Broom, Dressing Screen, Food Stand, Cricket Wickets and the Fire Pit!

Followed by, we have the Fairy Flower, Ancient Tree, Ancient Bench, Bridge of Destiny, and the Comfy Crab!

Next, we have the Moose Head, Log Table, Wood Cabinet, Stone Table and the Pink Table!

Followed by, there are mostly hot (literally) and pastel furniture, which are the Pastel Bookcase, Big Screen TV, Pastel Drawers, Pastel Fence, Pastel Deck Chair and the Pastel Bench!

After, we have the Party Banner, Dinner Table, Vacuum, Lava Flow and the Dinner Chair!

Lastly for May’s catalog, we have the Window, Rare Flower Pot, Party Platter, the Shoe Rack and the Dance Floor!

That’s all for May’s Igloo and Furniture Catalog! See you next time!

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  1. Great post! Thank you so much for this guide 😀

  2. […] sure to buy them all before the new catalogues are released! Here you can find the secrets from Igloo and Gift Shop […]

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