[EU] GAMEDAY: Battle vs. Templars

Hey there Helpers! Today we all logged onto CPRewritten for the EU counterpart of game-day. Thank you Ayan, Joe, and Barnito for leading! After a fun Practice Battle with the Templars, the Helpers hid around the island while the staff got to search for them. Congrats Akaaro, Maisie, and Ananya for being the best hiders!

MAX: 40+

Unleash the Power of Helping!

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  1. […] we had a really fun time. As hours pass by, we approach the last event of the day in which it was a [EU] GAMEDAY: Battle vs. Templars led by Ayan, Joe, and Barnito and we had a max of 40+! We also had a very fun Movie Night aside […]

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