[EU] GAMEDAY: Battle vs. Templars

Hey there Helpers! Today we all logged onto CPRewritten for the EU counterpart of game-day. Thank you Ayan, Joe, and Barnito for leading! After a fun Practice Battle with the Templars, the Helpers hid around the island while the staff got to search for them. Congrats Akaaro, Maisie, and Ananya for being the best hiders!

MAX: 40+

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Hello Helpers! Today we logged on to CPRewritten for a VERY fun event followed by Hide and Seek! We first practised formations, fun tactics, emotes led by AyanJoeand Mandal at the Iceberg. After that, we commenced with the Hide and Seek game! The Cops remained at the Iceberg waiting for the Robbers to hide. They began searching for places to hide and eventually, put themselves out of sight. The cops started exploring the Island searching for the disguised robbers. After a period of time, they started finding some of the disguised robbers. And finally, succeeded in finding all the robbers! We all had tons of fun at the event, thank you all for coming! 

MAX: 67+

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[INT] Army Training + Hide N Seek

Hey Helpers! today we logged onto CPR for some Army Training and a fun game of hide and seek! this fun event was lead by Ru, Wynn, and ROOBOO. Great job today helpers! and Thank you all for attending!

MAX 34+

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