CPRewritten: Mountain Expedition Guide

Hello there Folks!! The all-new Mountain Expedition Party has just landed on Club Penguin Rewritten, and we are here to get you all set up for the fun expedition. Keep reading the post to know more.


To begin your adventurous expedition, head over to Ski Village and enter the new room which has a signboard at the top center of the room.

Once you enter Room 1, you can get the free Chilly Trek Hat item and check out the catalogue for more outfits (more details below) at the bottom right of the room. And after you geared up for the chilly trek ahead, move to the cave which is at the top right corner to enter the next room.

After you entered Room 2, click on the eight icicles at the top right to open the trap and walk through it to enter the next room!.

Once you entered Room 3, there are no tasks here so head over to the next room by moving to the top left.

After reaching Room 4, in order to go ahead with the next room, a fun task has to be completed. To start, click the red axe and once it has moved to the wooden log, hit the log with the axe. Once the sequence is over, the log would have fallen down and the icicles on the top start shaking. Throw a snowball at it and the log will turn into a bridge hence allowing you to go to the next room!.

And finally, you would have reached the final Room 5, the mountain peak!!. As a reward, you can pick up the free Picnic Basket pin for free, the free Red Flag item and the Summit Background. The Summit Background, which costs 60 coins, can be collected by standing in front of the camera and clicking it.

Also as you move into Room 5, you will be rewarded with the Mountaineer Stamp.


What is a CPR party with no secret room? To access this particular one, go back to Room 4 and click on the single icicle at the bottom right of the room and once the icicle has moved, enter through the passage.


CPR has provided a catalogue of climbing equipment to start your chilly trek. It is available in Room 1. However, this catalogue does not have any secret items to unlock.


For this party, Gary will take his time off to come to visit us and this time, he comes bearing a new background! Check out our mascot tracker in #tracker-and-news in our server and meet Gary to get his new background.

Hope this was useful for you folks, enjoy this party and get all those rare items before it’s too late!!. Happy Trekking!

What are your thoughts on this new adventurous party? let us know in the comment section below!

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  1. When will the medieval party start?

    • lmao!
      do you know they actually said that never this year?
      but apparently the community is protesting XD

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