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Howdy Helpers, your favourite series is here! Read the interview if you want to learn more about another known member of the Help Force. Each week we choose another one and interview them about various subjects, HF career, hobbies, Club Penguin and more! Everyone has a chance to be invited! Today’s special guest is the kind and irreplaceable… Sisies!

Please, give a hearty welcome to Sisi! She is a committed member of AUSIA division and her current rank is Novice Corporal. We are sure you know her, she is not only present in the chat but also attends events and recruitment segments! Sisi joined Help Force in January and already managed to make many wonderful memories! Are you a part of them? Read the post to find out!

Wynn: Hello Sisies, I’m so happy I caught you eventually! How are you?

Sisi: I’m good :relaxed: hbu?

Wynn: Thanks a ton, I’m great too! I want to ask you, when did you join Help Force?

Sisi: Like 3 months ago.

Wynn: Hope it was a good time :luv: Would you consider yourself an experienced member already?

Sisi: Yes but I know there’s a lot more to experience! Sometimes I think I’m famous! XD

Wynn: Hahahaha, yeah, when you are active you become known, it’s a great feeling :smile: If you love fame you should go for GoTW! It makes you feel like a total celebrity, do you have plans to get it in the nearby future?

Sisi: I know right, it is a great feeling. I did want to get the GoTW but once when I was recruiting, someone didn’t like that so maybe he reported and I thought I got banned or something so I went to Club Penguin and asked one of my friends to tell my friends in discord about it and it was so much of tension. The only thing I had to do was verify by phone which I didn’t have. I gave some random number and it told me to write a 6 digit code and I wished I hadn’t done that :flushed:. Finally I gave my mom’s number secretly… This happened last Thursday.

Wynn: Oh yes, that happens sometimes, I was pretty scared the first time too! But it’s all good, you just need to give the number. I hope to see you trying soon! What else would you like to achieve in HF?

Sisi: Hmm… Be Junior Staff ig and be in the leaderboard of sapphires, money and win giveaways like nitro and custom role.

Wynn: Good luck with that 😀 It’s awesome that after 3 months you are still here and wanting to work hard! What made you become active?

Sisi: Lol I didn’t even know that 3 months passed actually I was there in the server for more than 3 months like maybe 5 months in my other 2 accounts… I don’t know exactly what made me active :smile: The chat is so funny and friendly so I feel like chatting.

Wynn: Do you have any favourite funny chat moments? :smile:

Sisi: Ofc! Do you remember the Violet’s Bistro? And when I created this ping @someone, playing with people in #bot-commands and so much more!

Wynn: Hahaha, you can tell the whole story! I don’t quite remember everything :ono:

Sisi: Lol so Violet was Kenzie as you know and she had to go off for some days so she made me the assistant :smile: And there was Nory too who made another Bistro of her own and they both were fighting like kids! And mostly Syd laughed so much at my @someone! And its fun playing in #bot-commands with Walver and Vixx 🙂

Wynn: Bot commands are wild! Seems like you also made some friends here! Is there anyone who would like to mention here?

Sisi: Hmm Mandal, Swager, Pinglen, Lisa, Prashant, Syd, Kenzie, you!

Wynn: Aww thanks :smile: Is one of them a person who recruited you? What is your story, how did you join?

Sisi: My friends usually talked about Help Force so I said them to invite me and that’s how I joined! :slight_smile:

Wynn: Oh wow that’s a unique way of joining! So you were already familiar with Club Penguin?

Sisi: Yes!

Wynn: What are your favorite CP memories? 

Sisi: There’s a lot, hmm, playing hide and seek with my friends, pranking, telling the story about canoe the cove guy (which was actually real and I was the first one to know it) and I made a friend that day, inviting more than 30 people in my restaurant igloo, and so much more!!!

Wynn: Wait, who is canoe the cove guy, I never heard that story!

Sisi: Lol. At that time most people knew about it but now its not that famous… Canoe is like this creepy guy in the cove who always sits on the logs and each day he changes sitting on one of the logs. He is like a normal penguin who wears an outfit like an African and lives in a forest, he never talks no matter what, and his igloo is also like a forest. And the friend I made, his name is Jauregy.

Wynn: Hahaha, are you a fan of Club Penguin weird stories and conspiracy theories?

Sisi: Not really lol. Wait I am! :smile:

Wynn: Are conspiracy theories or spooky stories your hobby? What are your interests?

Sisi: Yes I like them. I like making comics and especially I do crafts, not with paper, with other things and also collect them. I also like to play every sport!

Wynn: Wow, that’s a lot of interests! Are your plans for future career connected with them?

Sisi: Yes! I want to be an electrical engineer!

Wynn: Good luck with everything in your life then :luv: For the last question, do you want to tell anything to the Helpers reading this?

Sisi: Thanks :relaxed: Ofc! I love everyone in help force becuz they’re so friendly and fun to talk with and play with so everyone who joins it, take a good experience! :))


And that is all for today! I’m happy you joined us, hope you enjoyed it and learned something new about our special guest! Make sure you show Sisi some love in the chat and stay tuned for another Faces of The Force interview. If you want to suggest new FoTF don’t hesitate to contact us! Thank you again Sisi and see you next time everyone!


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