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Howdy Folks! As always on Sundays, we come with a fresh new FotF edition for you to enjoy! If you are not aware, Faces of the Force is a series where we interview active members of HF to learn more about who they really are. Each Helper has a chance to be invited! Let’s dive into today’s post and give a warm welcome to the next FotF… unforgettable Rsnail!

Say hi to Rsnail, a very devoted member of the EU division! He is not only attending tons of events and ranking up fast but he is also a talented recruiter! He is always around when somebody randomly says “Pepino” in the chat (summoning spell?) and even in the voice channels! Rsnail is very committed to helping the Help Force in all ways possible so don’t forget to show him some love and read the interview to learn what he thinks about HF and how he spends his free time!

Wynn: Welcome Rsnail, I’m really glad you joined me! How was your day?

Rsnail: Hello Wynn, thank you so much for having me today! I’m doing great today, I loved reading the FotF articles especially Red’s and Plotter’s so being here is a pleasure.

Wynn: Thank you so much, it’s always a pleasure to hear that somebody follows us! Since you are reading FotF, you probably know what is the first question! How did you join Help Force?

Rsnail: Ah well, you see I first joined Help Force somewhere back in November, all I had known back then was simply that this was an army server and nothing else, then I had unfortunately quitted the server for lack of interest, I rejoined when Kenzie found me in the NCP server and spoke with me about HF, I told her about my previous experiences there and she told me that HF had developed more from the time that I had left, I rejoined and gave HF a chance and I couldn’t have been more thankful that I did, I love the people here. :smile:

Wynn: Thank you Kenzie, hahaha! And now you are so active and working so hard! What’s your current rank?

Rsnail: My current rank is Blue Berets.

Wynn: Yesss, you are a member of Commander’s Watch now! Were you hosting something already or not yet?

Rsnail: I hosted my first ever segment with Red, it was a recruitment segment, although I wanted a Krunker I was still pretty excited to host this segment since it was my first and currently my only segment so far, it was pretty slow since all we had was one person who joined, Red did most of the tasks in the segment since he knew I was pretty new to it and he gave me a very lengthy tutorial lol, despite the slow progress it was pretty fun doing it with Red.

Wynn: I hope to see you hosting more soon! Yeah I saw Red is probably one of your closest friends in HF. Who are the others that you appreciate or look up to? From your previous answer I take people are the most important part of the Help Force!

Rsnail: Thank you, I hope to host more segments soon (especially more gaming ones), I have many friends on HF that I’m grateful for, a list of them would be Choclatey, Zenishira, Jimmy Jammy, Kenzie, Lydi, Skillz, Swagergamer, Mar, M1nd, Mir, Red, Plotter and way too many more that could’ve made this answer even longer, the people of HF are what make it seem alive and friendly, they’re not just focused on the battles and segments that we attend but this is the first-ever server where mods are more active in chat and don’t mind being pinged my lower-ranking members, it’s an unbelievable concept to me, as evidenced by how some of my friends are moderators.

Wynn: Very true, none of the servers that i visit is so welcoming and supportive as Help Force! I guess that’s why I became and stayed active – everyone matters, be it a new Helper or a Leader. So, people were the first part of your decision to stay. What about the second part? You mentioned that you liked the changes that happened in the server?

Rsnail: When I first joined the server it seemed a little dull to me, I was confused and didn’t know what to do, also being a little shy to ask questions, the second part, funnily enough, were the battles and segments that I had originally quit because of, it was pretty fun going around wearing the same uniforms and doing formations, it was very interesting and cool to me, and I wanted to help help force (lol) in achieving a higher status as an army, sometimes when reaching a high enough amount of players in a battle or segment there were cool rewards like a VC party or extra sapphires, it was great when we did reach the player milestones.

Wynn: It’s so wonderful what you are saying, the urge to “help the Help Force” and so on. I wish more our members thought the same! Is there anything you would like to change though, if you had an opportunity?

Rsnail: that’s a hard question to answer since nothing really comes to mind, I don’t think I would change anything about HF, it seems fully functional and working well in its current state.

Wynn: I’m glad to hear you are feeling comfortable in the server! Are you planning to “help the Help Force” in other ways too, apart from taking part in battles and events? I know you are a skillful recruiter, anything else?

Rsnail: I try my best to be active on the server and encourage new players to be themselves by doing the same, showing them how no-one would judge you for being who you are in help force, recruiting is sometimes hard but when I also put effort into trying to bring new players to the server by mentioning as much as possible in a conversation that is also as small as possible, apart from doing that I’m not sure but hopefully in the future I can “help the Help Force” in other, more impactful ways.

Wynn: That’s very impactful! But any other specific ideas? We have several groups in the server that are devoting themselves to make Help Force better!

Rsnail: Yeah! I plan of being a blogger sometime soon, I even plan on making a blog post about something I asked all members who are general and above about what makes them love HF and how they got their roles.

Wynn: I really like your idea :luv: We are always looking for more bloggers so don’t hesitate to message Jayden for help! Is writing one of your hobbies?

Rsnail: Yes it is, I write sometimes in my free time but they aren’t always big ideas, usually just things I think about that I write in a notebook to clear my head, it’s a relaxing hobby which I love to do so making blog posts sounds like a great idea that can advance my skills.

Wynn: Do you connect your future career with writing?

Rsnail: Not really, I think of writing as something to do when I feel bored or a bit stressed, my career would probably be different but writing would definitely be something I would still do in my spare time.

Wynn: Can you tell me what else do you do in your free time? 

Rsnail: Just videogames and studying, there isn’t much else to do other than that in the current pandemic we are in.

Wynn: Oh what’s your favourite game and why? 

Rsnail: Minecraft is my favourite game of all time, no hesitation to answer that, Minecraft was a pretty big part of my childhood and still is something I play and watch videos and streams about on a time to time basis, I bought an Xbox 360 just to play it and I had a blast, seeing some YouTubers I used to watch previously changing their channel from Minecraft to something else is a little disappointing but seeing the ones that are still doing it, with increased or decreased views or not, is very heartwarming to me, and the new streamers and YouTubers that the YouTuber Dream inspired and helped grow are very fun to watch, it’s a great age for Minecraft.

Wynn: I will be honest, never played Minecraft :ono: Everything keeps telling me to start though hahaha. I have the last question for you, before the usual ending part – what’s with you saying “Pepino” all the time?

Rsnail: Wow that’s a great question, you could’ve also asked about The Nicolas Cult but I think that may be a story for another time, when I joined my first among us session I had named myself Pepino after a video one of my friends sent me on Whatsapp before, showing a man doing tricks and flipping around comically while another man repeatedly says “Pepino!” and “Pepino de novo!” since it was hilarious I named myself that and Zenishira also knew the video and said the name various times in the same voice as the man in the video, soon enough I changed my name in HF to “Rsnail de novo” and started saying Pepino randomly in the general chat, it’s funny when Zenishira and Red freak out and start saying Pepino in the chat with me.

Wynn: Hahaha, I need to check out the video! If you have time, you can tell us about the Nicolas Cult as well! Is that your favorite memory so far? 

Rsnail: Yes it is! I love randomly saying Pepino and other people in the general chat saying it with me, one word which sounds a bit funny can stick to you, some people even refer to me as Pepino, and yes I don’t mind talking about the Nicolas cult too, it’s also one of my favourite things I started in HF.

Wynn: How the Nicolas Cult started then? 

Rsnail: The Nicolas Cult started with me, Choclatey and Zenishira in a VC just speaking about stuff, we talked about an old cartoon named Chowder and while doing that I googled the name of the voice actor of chowder and found him to be named Nicky Jones, the name sticked us as cartoonish as if Nicky Jones himself was a cartoon character, I posted an image of him in general and then Mir formally named him “Nicolas Jonathan” as a formal name, thus starting the Nicolas cult, who so far only has Mir, M1nd, and me in it, there was a small time where we made a cult named Violination, a cult about Violins and Violinists, which almost passed The Nicolas Cult in members but that died very quickly when the leader, SwagerGamer left the cult, it’s still a thing I love dearly and it is an inside joke between the members of the cult to greet each other by saying they feel very “Nicolas” today.

Wynn: I think everyone has such stories, that stays with us forever, connects us with others and eventually create whole Help Force :luv: For the last part of that interview, would you like to tell something to the people reading this?

Rsnail: If any of you have made it so far to here, I thank you very much for being interested in my ramblings, I appreciate all of you who have become some of my best friends and a great way of dealing with the lockdown, I hope you all have a great day and thanks to Wynn for working hard and making FotF interviews for us to enjoy.

Wynn: My pleasure! Thank you for taking time to talk to me and thank you for everything that you do for the Help Force! I hope you will have a good night!

Rsnail: Thank you for having me!


With that we unfortunately have to conclude today’s edition. Hope you enjoyed the interview! Don’t forget to catch Rsnail in the chat to say some nice words to him and please leave your comments below! Thank you again Rsnail for joining me and thank you everyone for being here with us! Don’t forget to be back next Sunday to meet another Face of the Force!


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