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Hello folks, your favorite series is back! With this FoTF edition we bring you another lovely interview and a chance to learn more about one of the active Help Force members! The questions are about both army career and personal life, about plans, hobbies and dreams… Everyone has a chance to be invited! Please, give a warm welcome to this week’s Face of the Force… NervousZip_OOF!

Meet NervousZip_OOF, a committed member of US division with the rank of Specialist! She joined us in December last year and instantly got fascinated with battles and army life. Nervous is not only attending the events but also trying her best in recruiting! Her biggest dreams are becoming a staff in HF and a chef in real life but read the post to get to know her better!

Wynn: Hello Nervous, thank you so much for coming, hope you are having a great day!

Nervous: I am! Thank you very much. How are you?

Wynn: I’m good too, thanks a lot! I want to start the interview with the usual first question – when exactly did you join Help Force?

Nervous: I joined last year. The awesome Walver recruited me, I was pretty lucky that day since that was my first time playing club penguin in a long time.

Wynn: Oh wow, what a coincidence! Thanks Walver! It was December right? Do you remember your first event?

Nervous: I think my first event was a segment, although I’m not sure which mods I had it with. At first, I was pretty confused about what the segment was about but now I go to them all the time!

Wynn: Yeah, I saw your are trying your best in recruiting recently and I admire that! But wow, its rather rare to join a segment as a first activity… What made you stayed then?

Nervous: Well, it’s pretty fun to recruit people because I know that some will like HF too, if I wasn’t recruited I wouldn’t know where to even start in discord! It’s also because of the sapphires since I really want to become a mod someday, it’s kind of my dream in life right now besides becoming a chef haha.

Wynn: Awww, good luck with your dreams! Work hard for mod and everyone has a chance. Do you plan to achieve something else on your way as well? There is plenty of things you can help with in the server, like designing, blogging, tracking… And recruiting as you said! Not to mention the rewards :heh: Do you have a detailed plan?

Nervous: Well, not really. One plan that I definitely have is being kind and supportive of other people, I think that is what really makes up the details of a mod. I was about to do designing at first instead of a photographer, but I don’t really think I’m up for that job heh.

Wynn: What else do you think makes a good mod? And does our staff team posses these qualities in your opinion?

Nervous: I think what makes a good mod is their hard work! If we didn’t have this, we wouldn’t be the HF! Also, besides those points, I think that mods don’t have to be professional all the time. I think that all the mods are perfect here, their personalities are just great. They always cheer me up on sad days and I’m sure for others too!

Wynn: That sounds really heart warming :luv: What is Help Force for you, can you describe it in 3 words?

Nervous: Well, the first word that comes to my mind is family… We aren’t an army that tells people what to do, that’s what I love about HF. Another is hardworking. Many of the mods stay up so late, working on channels, events, and etc, which I really appreciate! The last word is determination, I love how hyped everyone gets during events and being confident that we are gonna win against the other team! <3

Wynn: I couldn’t choose better words! Is that what you are the most excited about? Batteling? 

Nervous: Yes! It’s so satisfying seeing everyone line up and doing all these shapes and emotes! It’s also when I feel that everybody can be together!

Wynn: True, it what made me stay! And the community of course! I know what are your plans for HF but what about your personal life? You said you want to be a chef?

Nervous: When I was 4 I wanted to be a pet co-worker since I loved animals so much. Now I watch so many baking and cooking shows, it inspired me. I get so fluttered when people try my things and say that it’s great. It really makes me happy, also since my parents divorced, I baked and cooked a lot to not focus on my personal life, and I realized that cooking is my safe place. :gift_heart:

Wynn: I wish I could taste it too! Do you at least have any pics you can share with us?

Nervous: Aw, I don’t sadly. I get so hungry after I cook and bake that I eat it right after I make it, like the cookie monster I am haha! :sweat_smile:

Wynn: Hahahaha :smile: What else do you do in your free time then?

Nervous: Ooo, I used to draw every day before my parents got divorced, like anime characters and such. I’m still trying to work on proportions, although I don’t have any pictures. 🙁

Wynn: Awww it’s alright! What is your favorite memory in HF so far?

Nervous: OooOo, I remember two things. It’s the #Joewy when I said “hello!” in the chat and everybody was like “Snowy and Joe simp huh?”, then they mashed the ship together haha. Another was when Elp got over-excited when Moon did a great move when playing a game, I’m not sure what’s it called but it’s where they try to guess the words with the hint the other person gives. Elp’s squealing voice is great. :eyes:

Wynn: So you were the one who started #Joewy trend? Do you see any more ships in HF?

Nervous: Hmm I’m not sure haha.

Wynn: Alright, for the last question! Do you want to say something to Help Force members that read us?

Nervous: Oo yes! Thank you for everything everyone for accepting me for who I am! Your quotes and words really help me when I’m down or not feeling well. Please keep smiling, joking, and bringing joy to yourselves as well! Remember, turn thorns into roses for me okay? :gift_heart:

Wynn: Thank you Nervous, your words are so touching! And thank you for joining me today, it was my pleasure to get to know you better! Hope you have a good afternoon!

Nervous: Aw thank you so much! You too 🙂


And at this point we sadly conclude the interview! Thank you Helpers for being here with us and big hug to Nervous, our special guest! Don’t forget to congratulate her in the server! Stay tuned for the next FoTF edition coming soon and and please share your thoughts below in the comments section! See you another time!


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