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  • What’s been Happening
  • Week in Short
  • GOTW Interview
  • Army Statistics for the Week
  • HF Insight Insider Information

What’s Happening?

Welcome to What’s Been Happening?! Here we will go through all the latest server updates for the week and of course we can’t forget the casual HF Gossip! Let’s find out What’s Been Happening!

As the war comes to and, Help Force alone with other neighbored armies prove their glorified power.

Project Vengeance is one story to remember and one journey to memorize within the journey of Help Force’s fame, for the memories we’ve created and the stamps we’ve earned inside of us are simply just stamped forever.

We can’t forget.. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Stay tuned down below for all the amazing news that happened throughout the week!

Week In Short

Sunday, 31st of October 2021

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Today marks an important interval in the war in which we had the amazing [EU/US] DEFENCE OF PINE NEEDLES which was led by Wynn, Scorp, shallissa and with a max of 24+, it was a success to remember. Fun events in Force Arcadium going active as usual.

Monday, 1st of November 2021

Today we had a successful invasion along with other armies apart from the Force Arcadium fun events!

Tuesday, 2nd of November 2021

Defending our land [EU/US] DEFENCE OF ICE COAST took place today and as usual was defended successful. Led by Wynn and Ayan and with a max of 21+!

Wednesday, 3rd of November 2021

What continues a war with cheerfulness other than having some fun time? Today we had a fun [AUSIA] HALLOWEEN IGLOO RAIDS which was led by Nell, Mandal, and Desireus, and with a max of 38+, it was spectacular!

Thursday, 4th of November 2021

Today we helped our neighbored armies to battle and we had fun events in Force Arcadium.

Friday, 5th of November 2021

Along with fun events happening in Force Arcadium, we helped battle with our allied armies.

Saturday, 6th of November 2021

Ending the war, we had 2 amazing finals battles to finally end this once and for all. Starting with the [AUSIA] INVASION OF SLED which was led by Joe, Maya, Desireus, Mandal, and chicken (acp) and with a max of 27+, we won it successfully! Following the successful AUSIA battle, we had the [US] DEFENSE OF ICE BREAKER which was led by Snowy and Wynn and with a max of 21+, we aced it and won it as well!

GOTW Interview

ROOBOO: Hi Nerv.;)

NervousZippo: i- oh no

ROOBOO: I’m kidding 🤣 Hiii Nervvvvvv how are u todayyy? :roolove:

NervousZippo: LOL smh 😭 I’m alright, just started the day. Wbuu thoughh?

ROOBOO: Oh my I keep forgetting ur like 2 years in the past :stitchsmh: Anywayyyy 🤣 That’s great I hope u have a beautiful day, I’m good too thank u :rosesparkle: I see you sparkling Orange in HF :rooeyes: How are you feeeeling after getting ur first ever GOTW? 😱

NervousZippo: oh yes my timezone kinda sucks but I’ve seen worse but aww thank you, I will hopefully have an amazing day 🍃 and oh lord, I wanted gotw for months but never really been motivated to get it. I honestly don’t know how to feel because I have pictured this very moment for awhile LOL but I really just want to add in that I couldn’t have done it without Walver, he is truely amazing and even stayed up talking to me even though he was sick 😭

ROOBOO: It’s ok hahaha I actually like past timezones for me 😚 Wooo! 🥺 that’s so special! Truly I can only imagine the emotion going through because I’ve been there, in a different way, and that relief of finally achieving a goal ur heart had set and after a lot of dedication.. truly is spectacular! I’m so proud of u and Walv indeed is a role model for that kind of hard work and I truly love that! 😍 Do u still wanna get more of it? :rooeyes:

NervousZippo: Ooo yeah, walv helped so many people with GoTW as I read in many speeches, its so heart warming to take off your own time and help others in need, even when you get nothing out of it. I just wish I can help him as much as he helps others 😭 I might go for GoTW specialist, but most probably not. This week kinda felt really long and I am really trying to reduce my time on discord at this moment. I am just happy that I got gotw during halloween week in the first place without losing sleep. (Maybe reduced my sleep by 2 hours but I have a pretty good sleep schedule so still got like 6+ hours of sleep)

ROOBOO: That’s very iconic just to read.;’) Simply because it’s very much true.❤️ That’s amazing! One advice I was taught before is instead of giving 10/10 today and 3/10 tomorrow.. give 7/10 today so u can give 7/10 tomorrow! U can always get it once ur ready but hey! Ur always in the history so GGGGG.❤️:Yay: Anywayyy back to some old fashioned questions.. What’s your favorite thing about being part of Help Force? :roolove:

NervousZippo: awww thats true, i’ll probably remember this very moment for a long time. 💞 and ohhh lord, thats such a hard question because its honestly so emotional to me 😭 Help Force is like a family to me, perfect mix of personalities. Even the trolls is what makes it wonderful in its own way.. Just being able to be here and actually feeling accepted is so overwhelming to me. Tbh, every once in awhile I always stare at my junior staff role and just ask what I did to deserve this.. because I wanted it ever since I joined.
I have such precious memories of me when I first joined…but oh was I cringe ah lord, I’m so sorry to the people who had to deal with me. Shout outs to you guys 😂

ROOBOO: Indeeed.❤️ I love ur words so much! It is indeed a family and yeah imagine that we can communicate with people oceans away…. just let that sink in.. how unimaginable is that and who would of thought?😱 I tell u that u truly deserve it.. ur dedication and contribution is really priceless and all ur works are very much :rosesparkle: Whattttt we all enjoyed ur company so much when u were first new! I remember the pickup lines and ur plsstop hahahah 🤣 I was the unbelievable one there hahahah! U are amazing Nervvvv.. Hi Nerv.;) hahah! What about what you enjoy outside of HF? 😍

NervousZippo: LOL oh lord, I remember the pickup lines. I was wheezing the whole time 🤣 Best vc by so far Some people call me lifeless, cough cough manti, which I totally agree with and won’t deny because I am online like 12 hours a day. 😂 I usually just go on walks near the sea, since its literally like 5 minutes away and just lets me escape from reality haha. And Oooooh… I love baking and cooking so much. I can talk about food for so long, more than any other topic probably 😆 Used to draw every single day for hours but stopped doing it two years ago because of something, maybe will get back to that soon!

ROOBOO: hahahah yeahhhh i loved those times a lot 🤣 Woooooo seaaaa girlll! I can’t even explain but this is like getting to a whole other universe and flying above… when u walk in the wind and at the sea.. just the wind hitting you and thoughts flying.. such a peaceful time oh my! I love thatttttt! 😍 And woooo that’s niceee so u can cook? 😱 Also you could someday show us some of ur drawings! :roolove: No pressure of course.. I bet ur so talented!

NervousZippo: awww exactly, your thoughts are so peaceful when walking and not stressing about anything 🍃 And yess, cooking is just really fun. I want to do more of it but not at this moment in time. I shall cook way more next year when things settle down! But oh goshhh, I don’t really think i’m good at drawing because I have seen way better (love you sm sophie) 😆♥️ so better not to show my mess. Practicing always makes you better, never perfect.

ROOBOO: Exactlyy I can’t agree more! :Yay: Wooooo since staff always struggles from hunger.. you could feed the staff! 😱 :roolove: But what’s ur favorite thing to cook? Indeed that’s such a wholesome way to put it! But hey everyone is great in his or her own way! :rooeyes:

NervousZippo: ohhh LOL 🤣 I will steal the staff’s food whenever Elp has the chance to rarely give them food, not feed them 🖐️ my favorite thing to cook is chaos haha but in a serious noteeee, I love cooking basically anything that taste good after, fried rice is one I preferably like to make since its easy and quick. Always tastes amazing after too! 🍚✨

ROOBOO: hahahahaha wowwww! :stitchsmh: This will make a lot of staff question the hunger reasons….. 😱 🤣 woo that’s really coool who wouldn’t love fried ice on a hungry day? 🤪 Getting back to GOTW, what advice would you give anyone who’s trying to aim for it? :GengarHeart:

NervousZippo: LOL I’m sure they already question why they don’t get fed 😂 And Oooh, getting gotw is a really special thing, so I advice everybody to try to aim for it. Just having great friends to motivate you really really helps.. Alsoooo, don’t be afraid to ask to host something or just talking to staff.. I encountered this about two days ago and staff are really amazing people honestly. Without them, Help Force wouldn’t be Help Force. They are people too and ranks shouldn’t scare you, they treat everybody the same no matter the rank, so don’t degrade yourself and be scared to talk to them

ROOBOO: hahaha true true 🤣 That’s very beautifullll! Very true indeed :)) I really like how you mentioned company because it’s all about human interactions that take you further a lot of times.❤️ Is there anythingg you’d like to sayyy or just comment at in the end? :roolove:

NervousZippo: awwww actually yeah, I just wanted to thank you to everybody to stayed by my side til this very moment. It helped me become so active over the months and makes me feel like I can actually achieve something if I just have enough motivation to do so. And thank you walver 😭 you are truly an amazing friend #WafflesSuck #NoHippoGifs #Walver4Bath 🤣 Alsooo, health and mental health is very important. Make sure to eat and drink water regularly (do as I say, don’t do as I do) 😆 because it will help in the long run. I know its hard sometimes but you guys are strong enough to get through this, my dms always open if you guys want to talk about anything at all or have any questions! 💞

ROOBOO: This is very wholesome :GengarHeart: :cute_star: Keep being u :stars5: Ur a very amazing and wonderful friend Nervvv and we’re very much lucky and blessed to have you around.❤️ Thank you also for your timeee woohoo! :Yay:

NervousZippo: Awww, thank you for having me here rooboo! Amazing staff member ✨ And no worriess, I had so much fun actually 😂 Have an amazing day everyone!

Army Statistics for the Week

Thanks to the TOP TEN ARMIES by CPAN, here are the statistics for the week!

Inside the HF Insight Insider Information

We recruited 500+ Helpers from 31st of October – 6th of November! Welcome all you new amazing helpers!
If you have any insights about HF make sure you DM ROOBOO#8738!

Well, that’s all we have for today! Join us next week as we take a look at the newest events that unfold. Keep unleashing the power of helping!

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