Keeping Up With CPRewritten – April 2021

Hi everyone! Are you looking for some fresh news and gossip directly from CPR owners?

Great, you came to the right place! This month’s Keeping Up With CPR is here! Read and you won’t feel lost anymore! We will inform you about upcoming parties, catalogues and more!

The Noir Party may be over, but the fun never stops and another one is already confirmed! A new Penguin Style is out, an old mini game is back with us and the CPR itself is celebrating reaching 9 million registered users! Check what else is waiting for us in the next weeks!


Mountain Expedition Confirmed

Although there is still no fixed date, the Mountain Expedition was already confirmed to happen this month! The newest clothing catalogue also matches the theme. Mountain Expedition has taken place on the Island before and was one of the first events on CPR, although not many players were there to experience it. The comeback was often requested by the community. The party will look the same as in 2017 and have a few iconic items. Stay tuned for the news! The crew also announced that Gary will be visiting the Expedition with a brand new background!


New Penguin Style Catalogue

New Penguin Style Catalogue has recently been released! In April’s edition you can find both hiking equipment and casual clothing. If you like classics colourful hoodies, t-shirts and crocs may get you interested. There is a lot of secret items again so check Rainbow’s Catalog Guide – April 2021 for the full guide, page by page!


Puffle Rescue is Back

Puffle Rescue mini game is now again available to play at Inside Mine! Club Penguin Rewritten is still in beta tests so not all games are working yet. Be patient, though the team is constantly working on bringing back all the features of the original game so stay tuned for more news! For now go and save some blue, pink and black puffles!


Other News and Gossips

  1. Club Penguin Rewritten is celebrating 9 million users! Each day a new code for a cool item is released so make sure to check tracking channel on our discord server. They will expire soon!
  2. Igloo catalogues are confirmed to come along the new party! Stay tuned!
  3. Newspaper submissions are back! You can now ask questions to Aunt Arctic by clicking the icon in game. The first newspaper since moving to HTML5 technology is going to be published soon!
  4. Hydro Hopper, Astro Barrier, Thin Ice, Puffle Roundup, Ice Fishing, Pizzatron, Cart Surfer, Aqua Grabber, Jet Pack Adventure, Dance Contest (but not multiplayer mode) and Puffle Rescue are the all games that are available in game at the current moment!
  5. Puffles and Sled Racing are the next main focus of the developing team!


That’s all in this month’s Keeping Up with CPR! Hope we could make you feel less confused and that you are excited for the new features! Keep an eye on our discord to learn first about key game updates and have fun exploring the Island! Thank you for reading and see you in May for the next edition!


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