Rainbow’s Catalog Guide – April 2021

Hey there Helpers! Once again, I’ve been summoned to write secrets for our April Catalog! Let’s discover more of them down below! 

Right on the sixth and seventh pages, we have The Curly Lochs, Happy Octopus Plushie, The Summer Jam, Blue Boa, and the Colored Hearts Hoodie!

Right onto the next pages, we have the Red Shirt, Grumpy Octopus Plushie, the Blue Shirt, Pastel Suede Jacket, Ballet Shoes, The Flouncy and White T-shirt.

And lastly, we have the Orange Shirt, the Tropical Hawaiian Shirt, the Pink Shirt, Blue Hoodie, and the Cool Hawaiian Shorts (Very cool!)

That would be all for the month of April! See you at the next catalog! For now continue Unleashing the Power of Helping!

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