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  • What’s been Happening
  • Week in Short
  • LYD’s GOTW Statement
  • Army Statistics for the Week
  • HF Insight Insider Information

What’s Happening?

Welcome to What’s Been Happening?! Here we will go through all the latest server updates for the week and of course we can’t forget the casual HF Gossip! Let’s find out What’s Been Happening!

This week marks the beginning and first batch of the Blue Squadron Training! With numerous sessions and intensely-productive training; we learn more and will rise even higher.

Week In Short

Sunday, 4th of April 2021

Today was break day! After an indescribable work Help Force passed by, we had out break day today to cool down and come back stronger with the new Training Sessions! Today only marked segments.

Monday, 5th of April 2021

Today marks our first day of the Blue Squadron training program and we call it Session 1! Beside that we also had an amazing [INT] OPERATION: SMITH TAKEOVER led by Rooboo, Amy, Snowy and Slush and with a max of 40+, we had a lot of fun! As usual segments going along through the day!

Tuesday, 6th of April 2021

Session 2 of the Blue Squadron training program was today! It was epic and we all truly had a lot of fun and learned a lot with our amazing leaders! Beside the training we had our normal segments!

Wednesday, 7th of April 2021

On a fine Wednesday, Session 3 of the Blue Squadron training program took place! Beside segments, we also had an [EU] Operation: Ribbit which was a joint event with ACP led by Ayan and Barnito and a max of 40+!

Thursday, 8th of April 2021

Today was a pretty busy day! Having another Session 3 and an EU Practice Battle! The [EU] PB vs SWAT was led by Ayan, Barnito, and Joe and we had a max of 42+! Segments going strong as always!

Friday, 9th of April 2021

As Session 4 started today, we had another huge event with 3 other armies! It was an old style battle organized by ACP in memory of the First CPA World War. [EU] Color Wars that was led by Ayan and Barnito! With a max of 49+, we had a lot of fun in that 4-way battle with Army of Club Penguin, Water Vikings and Silver Empire!

Saturday, 10th of April 2021

As we continue Session 4 of the Blue Squadron training program, we had a very interesting and nostalgic throwback event! It was the [AUSIA] Mops Unleashed led by Aoao, Swager, Amy, and Barnito. We reached a max of 49+!

LYD’s GOTW Statement

LYD: lots of luv & good luck to everyone who’s wishing to achieve GOTW! :luv~1:

Army Statistics for the Week

Thanks to the TOP TEN ARMIES by ACP, here are the statistics for the week!

Inside the HF Insight Insider Information

We recruited 400+ Helpers from 4th of April – 10th of April! Welcome all you new amazing helpers!
If you have any insights about HF make sure you DM ROOBOO#8738!

Well, that’s all we have for today! Join us next week as we take a look at the newest events that unfold. Keep unleashing the power of helping!

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