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HF Patrons Of Patreon: Wiggly

Welcome Back to Patrons of Patreon, the exclusive mini-series where I have the pleasure of interviewing our HF donators! Our Patreon donators generously donate their money to help with the running of the HF community and its projects!

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing my guest, Wiggly!

Maisie: Hey Wiggly! How are you today?

Wiggly: Not too bad, just getting the day started.

Maisie: Aw that’s good, for the readers who don’t know you would you mind introducing yourself?

Wiggly: Yeah that’s no problem. A lot of you know me, or have at least seen me around in the HF chat. But I suppose for the newer members I’ll introduce myself haha. The names Wiggly, I joined HF around the middle of September, been part of the army for at least 7 months. I recently became a visitor though, however I still think I’m the best recruit Hf has had haha

Maisie: Haha may I ask why you became a visitor?

Wiggly: I’ve decided to join another army

Maisie: Oh righty, why did you decide to donate to HF Patreon?

Wiggly: Well at the time I was working on HF beacon, the newspaper. And the effort put throughout the website was all very nice, and I would hate to see the hard work of others be wasted if the website shut down. So I decided to donate, I also just wanted a perm role for the custom colour. If you’re reading this Barney I’m still waiting on that

Maisie: Aw that’s so sweet, it would be a real shame if the website was to shutdown, it showcases so many peoples talent! Moving away from HF what do you enjoy outside of HF and discord?

Wiggly: I play a lot of video games, it’s definitely one of my favourite things to do. Other than me being a huge video game freak, I mostly just hangout with my friends and do my schoolwork. Life’s pretty boring in this pandemic yknow it’s just been School, video games, anime, friends and then repeat

Maisie: Pandemic life does get a bit repetitive… what kind of video games do you play?

Wiggly: I play a lot of first person shooter games, COD and apex mostly rn. But the occasional RPG or a good horror game.

Maisie: Very nice, maybe not for the guys your shooting but all the same 🙂 If you were to play a song in Vibing what song would you choose and why?

Wiggly: I don’t think I could pick one specific song, but most likely any song by The Weeknd. His music is one of my favourites, voice of god really. Everyone deserves to hear that

Maisie: I can’t argue with that logic, The Weeknd is a must listen. It would be amazing to have a voice like that! have you got any hidden talents Wiggly?

Wiggly: Is drawing a hidden talent? That’s about all I can really do haha. Oh! I can also play the tuba, but I haven’t in awhile

Maisie: Drawing is indeed a talent! and damn the tuba is very cool, the only reality many can play it is on cpr :hehe:before we finish this interview, do you have anything you would like to say to the lovely readers?

Wiggly: It’s a pleasure being in HF readers, they’re a big family. Make sure to stay hydrated

Maisie: Amazing thank you so much Wiggly!

Wiggly: Anytime!

That’s all folks, again thank you ever so much to Wiggly and thanks again to all of you lovely people reading this! See you all next time!

If you too, would like to donate fund the Help Force’s projects, DM 𝔹arnito#1806 for a PayPal link and more information!

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