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  • What’s been Happening
  • Week in Short
  • GOTW Interview and Statement + LYD’s Mini Talk
  • Army Statistics for the Week
  • HF Insight Insider Information

What’s Happening?

Welcome to What’s Been Happening?! Here we will go through all the latest server updates for the week and of course we can’t forget the casual HF Gossip! Let’s find out What’s Been Happening!

As we approach March Madness, we prepare with different and numerous tasks. From segments and events to practice battles and fun events, VC parties or movie nights…. We increased activity level and had so much fun with everyone!

Week In Short

Sunday, 14th of March 2021

Today we had an Ultimate 3 Event Day! Starting off week with some AUSIA Krunker Practice and an INT HF Trivia Contest which were really fun! As segments pass throughout the day, we only had a US Find Four Tournament left and with that we concluded this Sunday!

Monday, 15th of March 2021

Monday Yay Day! It was pretty chill today with numerous segments and chat activity!

Tuesday, 16th of March 2021

As we were approaching our first battle one Sunday, we made a plan. That plan was contributed to the escalation of the activity level in the server to make troops totally ready to win that battle! Two events were organized today, starting with the [AUSIA/EU INT] Shamrock Training led by Ru, Joe and Snow and a max of 40+. It was so much fun! We also hosted an [EU/US INT] Battle Training led by Nell, Diwix, and Rooboo, and with a max of 35+, we could only say we had so much practice for the day!

Wednesday, 17th of March 2021

The clock is ticking! We are almost there! Time keeps approaching the battle! With that in mind we planned more segments and even battle trainings to practice more. Today we had an [INT] Battle Training led by Jayden and Barnito and a max of 32+.

Thursday, 18th of March 2021

Thursday was a break day with fun events and segments! Starting off with an AUSIA Krunker Session, we had so much joy. We also hosted AUSIA/EU INT Among Us Session and a competitive EU/US INT Find Four Tournament! That wraps up our day today!

Friday, 19th of March 2021

Today we had our first [EU] Practice Battle vs Water Vikings of the week with the amazing army Water Vikings! It was led by Jayden, Joe and Barnito and saw a max of 32+! That totally evaluated us more into how the competition will be. As usual numerous segments throughout the day.

Saturday, 20th of March 2021

As we were getting closer to the battle, we only had one thing left to do: an [AUSIA] Operation: Ascendance led by Slush, Skillz, Ru and Joe and with a max of 40+. We really just ascended more to win that battle on Sunday! Hyper Segments on active mode!

GoTW Interview and Statement

Dated: 3/22/2021

HFI: Today is a very special Interview… Someone who became really active lately, someone talented but yet hardworking, wonderful and beautiful, very friendly and kind. Someone being labeled as the Pharaoh…. RS PINGLEN PEPINOO! Pleasure to have you! How are you today?:relaxed:

RS/Pepino: I’m doing great! thank you for having me ROOBOO 😀

HFI: Great to hear woohoo! Tell us more about you, your hobbies, your activities?:heart_eyes:

RS/Pepino: Well, I’m Pinglen, mostly known as Rsnail or Pepino in the HF server, I like to chat with people in both text and voice channels, my hobbies include writing short topics and swimming, my activities include studying and playing video games most of the time.

HFI: Wow that is so beautiful! We all love knowing more about you all the time! You are a very interesting person RS!:heart: Now getting back to the topic, what do you like most about being in Help Force?:heart_eyes:

RS/Pepino: Thank you so much ROOBOO, what I like about HF is the very cozy and loving community, this would be the first ever discord server that doesn’t have moderators mind being pinged at all, which is other worldly to me lol, I usually come for chatting but I love attending the events and segments hosted by the many members of HF.

HFI: That’s really how it truly is.. Home, family. ;’) That’s so amazing and we’re so happy you’re shining that much in HF! Since you’ve worked so hard for earning GOTW, how did you figure it out and what made you go for it?

RS/Pepino: I started going for it once I realized I kept toping the top 5 spots in the sapphire leaderboards, the first time I went for it I had actually thought I finally got it but it turned out that Volcano (or Ananya) had 2 different accounts that were both being counted, which automatically gave her a boost of 2,000 sapphires ahead of me on the very last day, the second time would be this one where I managed to stay in the top of the leaderboards, with the help of some recruiting too, I finally managed to get GOTW and I couldn’t be happier.

HFI: That’s why it’s special! Because you knew late about it yet you thrived for it. I remember last time and I’m so proud you didn’t give up! So how was the competition? The late nights and the early mornings?

RS/Pepino: Funny you ask that, I realized I was 1st place on just 2 days before GOTW got announced, so I attended every event and segment possible to keep my place there, nothing really special happened other than that.

HFI: I’m just so proud of you! Wow hahaha! You really deserve it, for your activeness spoke for you.:wink: What advice would you give to all the readers out there trying to aim for GOTW?:relaxed:

RS/Pepino: Honestly, if you try attending all the events possible and make a strategy for recruiting that works best for you, you’ll easily get GOTW faster than you’d think, speaking from experience here. :smile:

HFI: Woohoo and that’s it! It’s true dedication and never giving up! Thank you for your advice! Tell us more about your history with Club Penguin. Like when did you first play and what platform was it and were you ever familiar with armies before?:heart_eyes:

RS/Pepino: Wow that’s a lot of questions! I first knew of club penguin ironically when the original one was shutting down in 2017, I played it a lot when the announcement came and I honestly had a blast, I also played Club Penguin Island the first day it came out, it was also fun but not as much in its early days, as updates came and more things became available for non-members I started being on it more often, I discovered armies while playing CPR, the first army I ever knew about was Army of club penguin from how basic its name was, I thought it was just a random group for people doing random stuff and helping people with stamps so I didn’t really bother with it, I’m glad I joined HF though, I’ve been playing CPR for like 1000 days and I started playing New Club Penguin ever since Snowjitsu was in development, fun times.

HFI: Wowwww so you are from the first era of CP! That’s so amazing.:heart_eyes: OG Club Penguin will forever be in our hearts! Wow we’re so happy you ended with HF in the end! Being an OG Club Penguin player adds so much to it! Ok can you tell us one last statement/ Mini Speech about GOTW all in all? Express GOTW in your own words.:heart:

RS/Pepino: GoTW is a very special role to get and a very special challenge to do, it may not be as hard for some people due to their exceptional talent in recruiting but it still feels very exciting to get it yourself, all the people congratulating you and the knowledge of knowing that you have put effort just for this very moment to happen is so bizarre, you might find it impossible just like I did when I first joined but it’s very easy to not realize that being active is the main key of getting it, and it’ll be easy to be active just from the wonderful people you can meet on HF.

HFI: You know what! That’s exactly why I like recruiting… You tend to always meet someone new! That’s truly iconic! The beauty of it is truly seeking new friendships and enjoying the moment! Thank you so much for being here and for giving us an update on your journey! Enjoy and that’s just the beginning!.:heart: Thank you!

RS/Pepino: Thank you too! Goodbye ROOBOO and thanks for the fun you’ve given me HF! 😀

LYD’s Mini Talk

HFI: This weeks is precious not only by its fun events nor battles only, but by someone who achieved a very special role: GOTW. Not only did she win GOTW one time, but two times in a very short period and amount of time. The one and only lovely LYD! We had an interview with LYD before (Insight here) so today we will do something rather different. LYD we want to know your journey, your dedication, and your reason of getting GOTW once again which is your second time?:relaxed:

LYD: Okay well I wasn’t actually planning on going for it until the end of the week, around Saturday. I was high up on the leaderboard anyway and I decided why not hahaahaha. After getting it the 2nd time I’m definitely going to go for GOTW specialist so this week was just another stepping stone towards that goal!

HFI: Wow that’s so amazing. Getting GoTW by being active and not knowing! You are truly iconic and such an active member in chat! Can you give us a statement about GOTW as a whole?:relaxed:

LYD: It’s certainly helped me move up the ranks in HF and it shows that you’re determined and hard working. Anyone can achieve it… You just need to have the drive and motivation.

HFI: Thank you so much for being here and for giving us an update on your journey and your motivational words! Keep being the amazing you woohoo!:heart::heart_eyes:

Army Statistics for the Week

Thanks to the TOP TEN ARMIES by CPAHQ, here are the statistics for the week!

Inside the HF Insight Insider Information

We recruited 100+ Helpers from 14th of March – 20th of March! Welcome all you new amazing helpers!
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Well, that’s all we have for today! Join us next week as we take a look at the newest events that unfold. Keep unleashing the power of helping!

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