Elaina Expose Post

The troublesome Elaina is one of the many weird members of the Ice Warriors. Unlike Roxy, her weirdness isn’t about feet and feetguin. It’s about socks.

“Elaina stole my socks”, “Elaina pet my head”, and “Elaina ate my son” are all things you’ve probably heard someone say. The effects of her sock addiction have spread so far that even helpers are affected by it.

As you can see, Elaina has been coming into our glorious, gracious motherland to steal socks. Ths is unacceptable. Even though we don’t wear shoes, we are still massive fans of socks. You can use them like mittens. You can wear them as hats. You can put rocks in socks and commit armed robbery. So many possibilities made impossible by Elaina’s sock stealing. This isn’t just about the socks. This is about the hopes and dreams that were crushed by the absence of socks.

Not only is Elaina stealing socks, she is also threatening people and invading their houses. I suggest that we declare war on Elaina, to see how she likes being invaded. We can then have a party in her house. She probably lives in a mansion, as I trust Sebzy to treat his staff right.

The moral of the story is to not let Elaina steal your socks. Keep your socks close to you. Hug them and tell them that you love them, because only love can overcome Elaina’s hate.


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  1. This is unacceptable

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