CP Knowledge: The Fair

Hello helpers!! Welcome to a new edition of a (very old) series here on the Help Force blog, CP Knowledge! In this one, I will tell you about the different themed parties that were held on Club Penguin, starting with The Fair! I hope you’re as excited for this as I am!

The Fair is a Club Penguin party that took place annually from 2007 to 2015, except for 2013. The first two years it was called Fall Fair. The party’s name then changed due to it taking place in different seasons depending on where you live. During The Fair, the island is beautifully decorated in colourful ways with signs, snack shacks, and lots of balloons! There are also special Fair-themed minigames added from which you earn tickets. At the so-called Prize Booth, you can use your tickets to buy prizes such as clothing items and pins!

The Great Puffle Circus was a party room that also appeared during The Fair between 2009-2012. The player can choose a puffle from the big “PICK AN ACT” sign, and a circus act featuring the chosen puffle will take place. The only puffle who never had a designated act is the yellow one, this is because they act as the ringmaster. If the player doesn’t choose a puffle for a little while, the ringmaster will either yawn or do a trick such as making a flower appear from its hat!

Fun fact: Rookie almost blew up the circus in 2012!


The first Fair was a surprise from our beloved pirate penguin Rockhopper! He stored all the decorations in boxes at the lighthouse. One of the crates would open upon clicking on it, causing a banner labelled “FALL FAIR” to roll out on the floor. The 2007 Fair featured six special minigames, they were Ring the Bell, Grab & Spin, Memory Game, Puffle Paddle, Feed-a-Puffle, and Puffle Shuffle

In 2008, two new games were added! They were called Puffle Soaker and Balloon Pop. Grab & Spin was also removed because of a “super cheat”. If you did certain things in a specific order, you could get up to 5000 tickets in one run! Fortunately, it came back in 2011 under the new name Spin to Win.

In 2009, the prices of prizes were significantly cheaper than in the two previous parties. For example, the Feathered Tiara that used to cost 1200 tickets, could be bought for only 100. 

Two years later, they decorated a new room with a type of minigame. The Stadium was turned into a track for bumper cars! 

The following year, 2012, Rookie was in charge of organising the party instead of Rockhopper! Although, this didn’t lead to any big changes. There was one amazing feature added though, one I really wish would have been implemented sooner. The game allowed players to save their tickets after logging off! The prices were also raised, but not by a lot. 

As mentioned, The Fair took a break in 2013. When it came back a year later, prices were once again raised only to be lowered the following year. It seems they had some real trouble finding something that worked. The Prize Booth was also replaced by the Prizes Catalog due to the amount of prizes being almost doubled!

New concepts

The biggest change to ever happen to The Fair also occurred in 2014. A new area called the Amazement Park was added! Unfortunately, the rest of the island didn’t get any decorations 🙁 The beautiful colours and balloons were also gone and replaced with decor of three new themes: outer space, the Wild West, and pirates. Each theme had a specific room dedicated to it: Galaxy Park, Tumbleweed Town, and Pirate Park. At the 2015 Fair, a new room was added called Ye Olde Castle, which was a Medieval area. The credit of building this park was given to Rookie. When planning some new attractions, he described it to the construction team as “It’s gotta be like BOOSH! And then over here it’ll be like WEEEEEE BAM!”.

Except for attractions, there were also some new minigames. These included two target-shooting games – Marooned Lagoon and Bullseye – and a boat-bumping game called Buanceer Boats. Two of the old games were also given a remake. Ring the Bell turned into Lunar Launch and Spin to Win became The Daily Spin

Rsnail, co-founder and creator of Club Penguin, has stated that Fairs are one of his favourite parties! I can do nothing but agree, The Fair is a truly remarkable party and a big part of the Club Penguin identity. That is it for the first edition of this new blog series! I hope that you’ve learned something new today and that you’ve enjoyed this post! If you have any suggestions on what party I should do next, please write to me Malini on discord :)) See you soon!

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