Double Trouble: PinguMaliz and Tage

Hola helpers! Welcome back to another episode of your favorite blog Double Trouble! Today we have another blog for you as PinguMaliz and I, Dhanush, find another HF duo to irritate ehem I mean interview :D… In this series, we interview two friends to learn more about what makes their friendship so great! Wait a min!! Where’s Pingu?? OH WAIT TODAY I am going to Interview the amazing PinguMaliz Herself and her amazing boyfriend Tage!! So what are we waiting for?? Let’s go and talk to them!!

Tage: thank you! in advance

Welcome to the Double Trouble Pingu and Tage!

Tage: thank you! not in advance

Pingu: Thank you Dhanush :))

So how do you guys feel being here together!! Pingu might be very excited woop!

Pingu: YESSS I am 😀 still surprised he agreed

Tage: i am not here by my own will

Pingu: yeah you are, stupid

Tage: get robac

Okay so first question.. How did you guys first meet each other?

Tage: through our friend group

Pingu: yeah we were in the same school

Ooh that’s nice did y’all sit in the same classroom?

Tage: nop

Pingu: we didn’t share any classes 🙁

Oo I see so how did you guys first start up your conversation with each other?

Pingu: we live close to each other so we took the same train home from school

Tage: she needed a boost in rainbow six siege, so i agreed to play a few games with her

Pingu: and stfu i’m higher rank than you

“agreed” i didn’t ask smh

well anyways after that we started playing r6 and league and watched Arcane together



Tage: i happen to be more talented in playing video games, thats why she chose me

Pingu: you happen to have played for 10 years without having touched grass once

Tage: what was ur bench pr again?

Pingu: id like to see you lose 95 % of your test and bench as much as me

Tage: ok lets move on

Hahah this is very Interesting..So do you guys only play together or also study??

Pingu: mostly play games

Tage: i cant play with her, shes too low rank

Pingu: man

Tage: but throughout our relationship ig we have studied a bit together

malins very good at math so shes been able to help me

Pingu: 🙂 yeah and you help me with english

Aww that’s so nice and sweet!! 

Do you guys play any other games together? Are you currently watching any series together or have you planned to watch any movie together?

Pingu: we have watched a lot of animes in our days

Tage: angel beats!!!

Pingu: yeah that’s what we are currently watching 🙂 we used to play valorant together too but not a lot anymore

Oo niceee!! So what is the duos favourite anime?

Pingu: see this is very very very difficult, i am not able to choose between Arcane and Demon Slayer

Tage: ig edgerunners, imo

Pingu: oo hmm, that was really good too

Tage: arcane is not an anime, cartoon

Pingu: aw okay

demon slayer then and edgerunners second for me

Amazing..So Do you have any nicknames for each other?

Pingu: yeah but they are all in swedish lol

Tage: malle balle, malini, sötis

Pingu: gullisgodis

I don’t understand a thing so let’s move on xD..So whats your favourite memory together?

Pingu: hmmm

Tage: i would say when we went to denmark

Pingu: yeah i was thinking of that too

but i don’t know what moment

maybe the hotpot place

Tage: that or when we were at the swing at the local park

Pingu: which one of the 50 times XD

Tage: u know which one

Pingu: oop you mean that one

Whats the quality u admire most about each other, and which quality would you change?

Tage: i admire her kindness towards me and other people, but i would change her skill in league to match mine


Pingu: I admire that you are very honest and chill but i wish that last quality didn’t go away when you play league 🙂

oh and i admire your ability to create crazy analogies but still have them make sense XD

Pingu edit: Also I would make him more active in HF 😭

Okay so final question.. What will your relationship tag be?

Tage: wat is that

Oh it’s like a combo of both ur names

Tage: mage

Pingu: oh Mage

Tage: HAHA

stomach in swedish

Pingu: yup XD

A hungry Stomach couple!!

So before we end this interview would you guys like to share anything with the readers?

Tage: no

Pingu: yeah can everyone please tell him not to bully me every day for being bad at league

Tage: let me rephrase

can everyone tell tage to lie to malins face every day


Tage: but you’re telling me to hide the truth from you

Pingu: no, i know the truth

i am asking you not to remind me of it, cause i don’t like the truth 😭

Tage: u dont seem to dislike it enough to change it


Pingu: 😡

im trying 😭

Thank youu for the Interview!!

Not going to lie, this is a very lovely couple. But for now, we have to move on to making them do a few of the Friendship Exercises. They seem pretty excited and nervous! So basically, I will ask them a question and they will have to give their individual answers. Then they have to clarify one another about the answers.


For context, Dhanush wrote “ofcourse”

Tage: fix the space

i have ocd

Pingu: XD


Pingu: you have parkinsons

Tage: you have schizophrenia

Pingu: yes yes yes

Dhanush go ahead

Okay, what was your first impression of each other?

Pingu: my very first impression of him was actually like 3 months before we became friends when i was playing r6s with someone and they randomly invited Tage, so my first impression was “huh this guy is okay at this game”, other than that i don’t have a lot of early memories of him lol

Tage: My first impression was “ughh is this another one of those boosted egirls”. i wasnt necessarily wrong, but she also happened to be a very benevolent young woman. (and cute)

How will you define each other emoji sentence?


Aye ig I can guess that 😂

Pingu: XD

Tage: cute draven main that bedrots sometimes


Pingu: wow-

dog shit gamer small bicep

i don’t like you

so yeah mine were gamer, toxic draven main, cute, and sleeps a lot

Tage: i dont sleep

Pingu: you legit said you slept 15 hours like a day ago

Tage: oops, sometimes i do ig

Pingu: yeah both sleep and bed rot

Tage: you were kinda wrong idk

dog shit gamer, midget, and strong

Pingu: ohh

shut up i am only sliiiiightly below average

Tage: ur both small and short

so midget

Pingu: 😡

Okay so before we start a fight next question

What is their favourite snack?

Pingu: uhh i feel like i know this

but also i have no clue

Tage: malin


Pingu: Monster does that count? and Japp maybe? that’s a real classic

Wha what are they that

Pingu: monster as in the energy drink and japp is a small bar of chocolate

tage what is my fav snack

Tage: oh, its the other way around


well you were wrong

Pingu: wait did you answer

oh xD

Tage: my favourite snack is you

Pingu: <33

and yet you would still trade me for a win streak

Tage: well a winstreak isnt only a snack, its a 5 course meal

Pingu: well honestly i have no idea what my fav snack is so sure

Okay so moving on

What is your partners favourite animal and which animal would the adopt as a pet?

Tage: cat for pet

favourite animal is penguin

Pingu: i would probably say your favourite animal is a dog and that is what you’d choose for a pet as well

unless it’s some weird shit

Tage: rat

Pingu: yeah

Tage: is my favourite animal

Pingu: i don’t think your favourite animal in general is rats i think your fav animal is a very specific rat called crime city twitch


ignore spanish test

Pingu: yeah you were correct

or well

Tage: i know her better

Pingu: i wouldn’t want a cat cause im allergic but still

you know that so it’s still correct

Tage: u can have cats that dont cause allergic reactions

Pingu: yeah

Aww that’s sad😭 so next question

Is your partner a morning or night person?

Tage: uhm

Pingu: DEF night person not a single doubt

Tage: correct!

night ig, it depends

but for the most part a night person

Pingu: yeah i’d say so

What is their biggest celebrity crush?

Tage: uh, does video game characters count

Pingu: yeah that’s my question too XD

Sure it counts

Tage: kayn

Pingu: hehe, i guess so

well we legit talked abt this today so if i go by that then miss fortune ultimate skin 🤣

Tage: nah, i would honestly say i dont have one

Pingu: man that’s not an okay answer

Tage: i only have eyes for you

Pingu: lies i see the way you look at gragas

For context, this is gragas 😍

Tage: i dont im not a cheater

Pingu: hmm okay then

What is their most used swear word?

Tage: asså fuck

or vafan

Pingu: not really a swear word but he does say “get robac” quite a lot

Tage: Yes

Pingu: yeah i like to use vafan

if there would be an english translation to that i would say vafan is like what the fuck

Tage: What the hell

I would say

Pingu: yeah okay

What do you think your partner will want to be when they grow up?

Pingu: uhh something with economics

or well you didn’t specify work

he wants to be challenger in league XD

Tage: I would want to be a streamer

But it prob wont happen

Pingu: yeah i was gonna say streamer first lol

Tage: math person

Pingu: yes math person

i am math


Why math why do u want us to find ur x when you have Tage

Tage: She has no ex

Pingu: yeah lol

No wonder why he’s never has been found

Thank you both again!!

Oh my god after asking all these questions.. Im feeling so tired *yawns in Swedish*.. And if you are ever doubting what a word means, just assume it is League of Legends related! So that’s it for today’s blog guys!! Spam down the general chat saying #EPICMAGE and pinging both of them!! I hope you have enjoyed this edition of the series and let me know what you guys think about them in the comments. We will see you next week with a new pair of HF besties!

Pingu edit: Because the friendship test was not done the usual way, we were not given a score. But if I were to score us I would give the duo of Mage 100 % cause I love us 😀

Adios Amigos! Until next time,

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