Warlock – Chapter One

Chapter One – The Beginning

What is the first thing you do every morning? Now that’s a question which can get you a lot of different answers. From walks to preparing for the day to just idling around, people tend to do a lot of nice or sometimes weird things. For me, my morning routine always involves checking up on Discord to see what I missed. And on May 27th, 2020, that particular habit of mine changed the very face of my online life.

My name is Sam, but I usually go by Warlock11 on Discord. As you probably guessed, I’m a member of the Help Force. I was recruited into the server by Tistle in April 2020, although I’ve been on Discord for almost two years now. Within two weeks of being recruited, I learned the ropes and even got GOTW in my second week here. I enjoyed being on the server so much that I would spend hours in it! Soon I was one of the top-ranking troops.

On May 27th, I immediately picked up my phone after waking up, eager to check what I had missed. I saw almost 20 pings from the server – and my first thought was, “Damn did we get raided?!” The first thing I saw on opening the server was a ping in announcements. It was Tistle, then leader of the Help Force, providing an update on our plans for the Legends Cup X tournament. Upcoming EU training event.. stamp segments… lots of fun stuff coming up, nice. The rest of the 19 pings were from the general chat, which seemed natural for a raid. However, as soon as I checked my mentions I realized that they weren’t role pings. Everyone was pinging me! I jumped back to the pings and I gasped with shock – everyone was congratulating me on getting Junior Staff. The fact that I had been promoted… it was unbelievable.

I started talking to my friends who were in the chat, all of them were happy for me. Eventually, someone pinged me in the junior staff chat. It was Vedant, welcoming me to my new role. I excitedly read through the guidelines, understanding more about the demands of being a junior staff member. The latest announcement was about the Legends Cup X. It made me realize that being a junior staff member wouldn’t be an easy task. I would have to recruit a certain amount of new people every day.

However, most of the seriousness faded away as the fun and the jokes began. The existing staff jokingly began welcoming me to ‘hell’, saying hell 2.0, i.e. the staff ranks, were coming soon. I spent the rest of the day getting familiar with my new colleagues, excited to work towards the Legends Cup X goal, and not knowing what tomorrow would bring.

Chapter Two released soon!

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