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Hello dear readers! It’s Friday, great day to rest after whole week! Prepare something nice to sip and take a moment to read the new Faces of The Force edition! If you don’t know, in each post we interview one of the most active members of HF and ask them about both their army and personal life. Attend events, talk in the chat, be helpful and you have a chance to be invited as well! Now focus up and let us introduce you to this week’s Face, charming… Javi!

Meet Javi, quite new yet already very active member of US Division! You can meet her at almost every event so no wonder she is already a Sergeant despite joining us a month ago. She never played Club Penguin before but she got quickly fascinated with our battles! Javi is also a person of many other interests and has huge plans for her HF career. Read the interview to learn what are they!

Wynn: Heya Javi, thank you so much for find time for me! How are you doing?

Javi: I’m doing ok and you?

Wynn: That’s good to hear! :luv: I want to start the interview with the usual question. When did you join Help Force?

Javi: Around early March.

Wynn: OMG, feels like forever! You are attending so many events. Can you tell me who recruited you and how?

Javi: A player called Volcano recruited me through dms. I remember when I first joined the server and I thought I would stay for a day and leave, and here I am now. 🙂 They were from the Among Us server.

Wynn: Oh, but did you play Club Penguin before? Or did you start after joining us?

Javi: I started after I joined, I heard about it before but never played it.

Wynn: Wow, we don’t have many people with a similar story! And now look, you are the next Faces of the Force guest hahaha. What made you stay in the server then? You didn’t even know the game!

Javi: Well, the person who recruited me said they had other games in the server, and I thought that I’d stick around to play those. Eventually I got curious and wondered what was the battles in general about, then I decided to play the game and try it out. I liked it and decided I’d continue attending battles and playing games with you guys.

Wynn: And we are happy you did! What else is Help Force to you? If you were making a movie about our adventures, what would be the title?

Javi: Help Force is a great place to go to whenever I want to have some fun, it’s a nice force to be in, very helpful (as the name suggests) and has some very nice and great people. If I should make a movie about it, it’d be called “Help Force: the Most Helpful Force in CPR” or “Help Force: No, We Aren’t Breaking the Game, We’re Currently in a Battle”.

Wynn: LOL, so accurate! And you, are you planning to help HF in some way? You attend tons of events and you are a rookie! You can host segments, write for the web… We have all sorts jobs available!

Javi: Yes, I’ve always wanted to host an Among Us/ Krunker game, I should plan that sometime I want to help give back to the community and spread the fun. 🙂

Wynn: That’s an awesome plan, good luck, can’t wait to see you hosting! Do you have any super fun memories about HF that you can share here?

Javi: I think my favourite memory is when I got promoted to trainee, seeing that I got rewarded for having fun was a good feeling.

Wynn: Promotions are always great memories! You are a Sergeant now, how high are you aiming? Do you want to be a Commander one day? :huehue~1:

Javi: Yeah, I’d like to be a commander, I’ll keep having fun and ascend up the ranks.

Wynn: Good luck again, keep working hard and everything is possible! On your way, are you looking up to any of the staff members except me 😛

Javi: I’ve never thought about looking up to the the staff members actually, since we’re all virtually doing the same thing in battles, and I can’t remember names well, I think that’s why I’ve never thought about looking up to anyone. In the end, all of the staff members are great, and do their job well.

Wynn: Thanks! But if you were the Commander, is there anything you would like to change or introduce to Help Force?

Javi: Not at the moment, I think everything is good as it is.

Wynn: I know your career plans in the Help Force already, what about real life? Do you have any dreams or goals that you want to share?

Javi: I’ve always wanted to be a scientist, a doctor or a musician. I’m not sure which type of scientist yet, nor which type of doctor, there’s so much types that I can’t choose which one to do.

Wynn: No wonder! Is that what corresponds with your hobbies? What are they?

Javi: My hobbies are playing the violin and listening to music and my favourite subjects are maths, biology, chemistry, physics and other various subjects I think because I like all three major sciences that’s why I can’t choose which scientist/ doctor I want to be.

Wynn: So many interests :luv: What kind of music is your favourite?

Javi: Electroswing is one of my favourite, but it boils down to any music that sounds good, I can’t really pick my favourite genre.

Wynn: Hahha yeah I know, it’s hard! Hope you will succeed with all your plans! For the final question, do you want to say something the Help Force members reading this?

Javi: I just want to say: keep on being a helpful, kind force. You guys are great.

Wynn: Thank you so much for joining me :luv: Hope you have a great day and see you around!

Javi: You too! 😀

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