Get To Know The Help Force Staff: Joe

Salutations Helpers! Welcome back to another fabulous interview where you get to know one staff member of Help Force a little better! Stepping into the spotlight this week is HF Admiral Joe! Joe Has been an Admiral since January 2021 and is an active part of the US division, hosting segments, leading in events and much more. Without further ado let us get into the interview!

This Interview has not been edited for any purpose other than to hide my terrible spelling….

Maisie: Hey Joe!

Joe: Hi!

Maisie: How are you today?

Joe: I’m Okay 

Maisie: Let’s start at the beginning then? How long have you been in Help Force for?

Joe: I’ve been in The Help Force since July 26th 2020 🙂

Maisie: Haha I think that’s around the same time I joined 🙂 How did you find out about HF?

Joe: Well, it was on CPR during the Medieval Party, I just logged on one time and was recruited by Stemv at the iceberg 😀

Maisie: Oh I love the medieval party – it is always so well decorated, do you have a favourite party?

Joe: well, that’s a difficult question haha, but I would say the Halloween parties have always been my favorite!

Maisie: Good choice good choice, I’ll make the questions easier by getting back to Help Force 🙂 When did make staff?

Joe: Well, I was chosen to be a General In Training on September 14th, then became a official staff member on September 21st!

Maisie: Nice one! Do you have any words of wisdom for helpers wishing to become staff?

Joe: I would just say, be active, be helpful, and overall just show that you care about the community! You always have a chance!

Maisie: Good good, when leading do you have a favourite go to tactic for events?

Joe: I would say the HFPOWER x6 has always been one of my favorites haha

Maisie: We love that HF pride 🙂 What do you enjoy doing outside of HF?

Joe: I enjoy playing sports like Soccer or Basketball, doing puzzles, watching TV series, or playing with my dog Steven haha

Maisie: Aw nice, finally Joe can you sum up Help Force in 5 words or less?

Joe: An amazing blue family 

Maisie: Thank you so much for the Interview Joe! 😀

Joe: Np!

And there you have it folks! Thank you once again to Joe for agreeing to an interview and thank you to all of you lovely people for reading! See you all next time!

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