Back In Time: Record Maxes

Help Force never always had been in the Major Armies Category. We started off just like the others, small and new to the community. Don’t believe us? Check out this post here from August of 2018, the first Battle Practice HF went through after the Legends Cup of 2018.

Still don’t believe us? Well, just keep reading. That post you saw above was HF more than 2 Years ago. The army back then was still in its baby stages, but still being good for a S/M Army. HF then went through a dark period in which Morty came to power to assist then 1ic and Founder Ayan into getting HF up the top again. The army started maxing 8-13 in September during its fun events, one of the events being a Fashion Show. It was from here that HF really took off. From maxes of 8-12 in September through October, by December HF’s maxes rose to an amazing 36-38. HF Trivia must have been hard back then with 36 people!


At the start of January, HF witnessed a golden age of 60+ Helpers but soon after HF’s January Drama of 2019, Maxes were halved and now, all time was focused on restoring those maxes. HF then entered its second golden age in July. Seeing a 70+ max, HF was back on its feet to where it was 6 months ago.

It seemed like there was no stopping the best force, as just 2 months later, we witnessed another 70+ max. Oh, and can’t forget to mention, our first ever trophy too! The Summer Bash 2019 Trophy. The following month, HF witnessed its highest ever max, a record that wouldn’t be broken for more than a year. During the Candy Corn Takeover event, HF peaked at an astonishing 88+ max. But not all good things lasted in the Help Force. By the end of the year, after problems in the CPO community and HF itself, the army moved to CPRewritten.


With the start of this new era, it felt like the previous year all over again. HFs maxes were so down low that getting a 50+ would’ve been a sight to see. After many, many incidents, in March, HF broke into war against the RFCP and reached a max of 62. In April, HF started to see a stable max on CPRewritten. and it was visible when the army, went into a practice battle with its ally, ACP and touched a max of 40.

In June, the Legends Cup X tournament was announced. HF broke so many records that month by defeating armies like Dark Warriors and Doritos CP defying all the odds of the community. The battle against DCP achieved a max of 72, the record max of the Era at the time. HFs main core was the EU division, with US usually tagging along right behind and AUSIA far behind in terms of maxes. But, mid 2020 saw the rise of “AUSIA Force”. The AUSIA Force was so strong that it witnessed a 65+ max in a CPR Rogue Event.

By November, HF saw new heights, breaking record after record for the rest of the year. First, HF took on a battle against the Water Vikings easily maxing 67. Then, HF broke a battle max record in the Fright or Fight Tournament with a size of 81. As if that wasn’t enough, HF saw 2 tournaments in December, the AoA and CCX Tournaments. AoA saw HF’s AUSIA with its highest ever max of 63. The same record, beaten the next week with the Finals gaining 85 against the ACP. The CCX also witnessed a high max for the Help Force giving them a 75 against RPF. If these maxes weren’t enough, HF broke every single record in its history, getting such a high max, that even the staff could not fathom. Help Force, surpassed not just 90 Helpers, but went past 100 and reached a massive 121 Helpers in its flash showdown event.

2021 is looking like it has a lot in store for HF. Will we break another record, or will it be a quieter year? That’s a question only time can answer. For now, let’s keep Unleashing the Power of Helping!

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