Hey Helpers! Today we logged back onto CPR for a great [INT] Helpforce Buys Starbucks event. The Helpers definitely had their coffees this morning as we witnessed some great coffee related tactics and emotes at the Stadium, Coffee Shop and Inside Mine. The event was led by Nell, Diwix and Chloe. Thanks everyone for attending and see you at the next event!

Max: 40+

Unleash The Power Of Helping!

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  1. Nice post 2k76! 🔥🥳

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  3. […] we approach the weekend and the battle, we had to have coffee right? Having a massive [INT] HELPFORCE BUYS STARBUCKS event lead by Nell, Diwix, and Chloe and a max of 40+, we assure you that the best coffee is at Help […]

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