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Ahoy Helpers! We are coming back with one of the most anticipated series on the web – Faces of the Force! Every Sunday we will bring a fresh interview with one of the active Help Force members for you to enjoy. Everybody has a chance to be included! It’s my pleasure to present you this week’s Face… Jeff Ha!

Jeff Ha is currently one of the most active US members. He is not only attending tons of events and segments and methodically ranking up but he is also one of our main designers and a YouTuber! It’s impressive, isn’t it? With a few channels, own discord server and a lot of interests, Jeff doesn’t know what boredom is, so make sure to message him if you are craving an interesting conversation!


Wynn: Hi Jeff, I’m so happy you find some time for us! Hope you are doing great!

Jeff Ha: Yep, I am! thank you for asking!

Wynn: Good to hear that :smile: The first thing I would like to know about you is when did you join Help Force?

Jeff Ha: Well, I joined Help Force in November last year, I was bored so I went to play club penguin rewritten, when I’m in snow forts, a recruiter from a seg ask if I want to get stamps, of course! I LOVE to get stamps, so I said yes, and then he/she asked me to search up help force on google and click join now, so I did what he said and joined, first, I don’t know the rank system so I think it’s boring, but after a week or so, I get how the ranks and money system works, later, it became more and more fun! So I became more and more active!

Wynn: Yeah I can see how more and more active you are becoming! I know everything seems a bit overwhelming when you first join and learn that there are some secret groups being formed on CPR! You sound like you don’t know who invited you?

Jeff Ha: Yes, I don’t know sadly, if I do, I would thank that person 1000 times for letting me join this huge, fun and nice family! But what I do know is that they have a cat Profile Photo.

Wynn: We need to search for them then! If anybody reading this knows who invited Jeff, please contact us! :smile: It’s always so heartwarming to see somebody who is as hyped about Help Force as you! What is your favorite thing about HF?

Jeff Ha: Thank you! My favorite thing about HF is the rank system and fun events! The rank is very fun because you need to earn it, and if you get the commander’s watch rank, you can host segs! I really like fun events because they are fun to play, such as skribbl.io, it always makes me laugh, the fun event I like the most is Krunker.io because I LOVE to play PVP games (even I’m kind of bad at it), and with Help Force members playing with me, IT’S PERFECT!!!

Wynn: You are for sure better than me XD I need to learn to play Krunker eventually. I remember you hosted a segment once, are you looking forward to host more soon? Segments or fun events?

Jeff Ha: Yes, I did host a seg before, it was amazing and fun! I’m one more rank to get Commanders Watch rank, so I can host seg without a co-host! I will be hosting a lot of segs when I get Commanders Watch, and I will definitely be hosting a lot of fun events!

Wynn: Wow, I can’t wait and good luck! Hope you rank up soon! But hosting isn’t the only thing that you do for Help Force! You are listed as one of the main designers on our web! I totally love your work :heart:

Jeff Ha: Thank you! yes, hosting isn’t the only thing I do for Help Force, I’m a main designer too! I got the designer role this January because I fill the form to be staff on Help Force, Our Commander Barnito asked me to show him some of my best work, so I did, because I’m a lucky person, I got the designer role! I was so happy that day, I made a few banners that day, somehow one of them became the server banner! it’s still on right now! I love to design logos and banners for Help Force and I love to work with other designers! let’s just say I’m SUPER happy to be in the designers team!

Wynn: Conga rats again! Can you show us one or two pieces of your art? Doesn’t need to be related to HF if you don’t want to reveal your designer secrets!

Jeff Ha: thank you again! sure thing! 1. a thumbnail for my HF youtube channel! 2. my server logo! 3. an HF banner, I have a lot more, but I don’t think we have space lol.


Wynn: Wow those look pretty amazing and professional :open_mouth: Good luck with future projects too, I hope to see more banners made by you! Do you have another channel on YouTube, apart from the Help Force one?

Jeff Ha: Thank you for the third time! Something funny is that I have 3 other youtube channels, One is my private channel (i will share it when it gets bigger), another is a Youtube channel for my server, the third is a channel where I share all the arts that I made (no HF content because i don’t want to spoil anything lol).

Wynn: What do you do at your own server and channel?

Jeff Ha: Well, my server is a Game of thrones Rank themed server where people chat and use a lot of fun bots, it has a huge Club penguin section too! In my private YT channel, I make videos of me playing club penguin and how to find stamps and stuff.

Wynn: You seem to be a person with many interests, designing, YouTube, now fantasy! What else do you do in your free time?

Jeff Ha: I like to play soccer but because of this pandemic, I barely play anymore, and I like to watch Game of Thrones in my free time, i also like to watch youtube videos of how to drive planes because I want to be a pilot someday.:hehe:

Wynn: I really hope you will succeed, it’s a beautiful dream :luv: We should ask Janez to play that plane simulator in the voice chat and we would see how you are doing :heh:Coming back to HF at the end – is there anything in particular that you are aiming for in our army?

Jeff Ha: Haha, yes, I’m aiming to become a moderator and power troop in Help Force, that’s why I’m always online, because I want to be in all the segs i can be, and I will always try my best being active, and be a great designer in Help Force that people will remember the name, Jeff Ha.

Wynn: You are already making a place for yourself and I really appreciate your help at almost every segment I host! I wish you luck with all your plans, when you work hard, you can achieve a lot in Help Force :luv: For the last question – is there anything you would like to tell our readers?

Jeff Ha: Yes, first that you for reading this post! second, if you what to rank up fast, always be active and participate in seg and definitely events! I saw a person get colonel rank in just 5 weeks! and, if you want to design banners and logos for HF just like me, make sure to fill the HF Staff Applications when it come out next time! I wish you have a great day!


And that would be all in this week’s Faces of the Force! I hope to see you all in the next edition coming on Sunday! Please leave a comment below if you enjoyed the interview or if you want to suggest the next FotF! Thank you again for your time, Jeff!

Don’t forget to say hi to Jeff if you meet him in the chat!


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