Roxy’s Dark Side

Roxy seems like a fun, loving staff member; however, she has a dark side that you do not want to see. Whenever she isn’t welcoming someone to the army or chatting away, she is murdering and bullying innocent people. Here is Roxy’s dark side.

Here we have Roxy abusing her perms. Poor Jo was simply stating the fact that Roxy is not his mother, but Roxy could not let Jo do that. She decided to abuse her perms and time him out for speaking facts. Perhaps Roxy is a farenheiter, and disagreed with Jo’s use of “mum” instead of “mom”. Nevertheless, Roxy committed perm abuse to torture poor, innocent Jo.

Breadpan, Roxy’s colleague and fellow staff member, was exhausted from welcoming hundreds upon thousands of new recruits into the server. The only reason Bread had to do this was because Roxy did not do it herself. If she had just welcomed a few new recruits, Bread wouldn’t have had to suffer from exhaustion.

As a result of Roxy’s previous actions, Bread started doubting his capabilities, calling himself “stupid”. Roxy had no empathy, opting to victim blame Bread. This is not how the Roxy we all know and love behaves. This dark side of hers is far too dangerous.

On the topic of how Roxy treats other people, she has said “I hate you” 33 times this year. That is roughly 2 hate messages every 3 days. This is far too much hate for someone that’s supposed to be loveable and friendly.

On the other hand, Roxy has only said “ily” 3 times this year. That is 11 times more hate than love. Roxy is often portrayed as someone who likes everyone, but the evidence shows that this portrayal is wrong.

Now that you have seen the evidence, it is clear that Roxy is not the “tasty” person you knew. She has a dark side, and we cannot let her get away with it. We will persecute her until she becomes good again. Even if it takes forever.


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