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Hey Helpers! Welcome back to Faces of the Force, the series where a new helper is interviewed as we get to know them better! This week’s face is the lovely Nene

Nene joined HF a few months ago, and you can usually see her chatting or playing bonk during US hours. Read the interview below to learn more about her!

Snowy: Hey Nene!

Nene: Hey Snowy :bluepup:

Snowy: Thank you for doing this interview with me! How are you doing today?

Nene: I’m doing great! :blushycat: and gladly!

Snowy: That’s good to hear! :luv:

Let’s start with the classic question: When did you first join HF?

Nene: I joined like 9 months ago I think :bluepup:

Snowy: Wow, almost a year! Time really flies by, I think I remember when you first joined :hehe:

You’ve been here for a while, what is/are some of your favorite moments from HF?

Nene: Honestly I have so many it’s hard to count.. I’ve met such lovely people! I just enjoy spending time with them all. If I had to pick one it would have to be the iconic moment elp muted me for 1 minute :Flush:

Snowy: LOL

Elp mutes are what everyone seems to remember, they’re pretty iconic

How about outside of HF, what are some things you enjoy doing irl?

Nene: I like snowboarding 🏂, football ⚽️, working out🏋️‍♀️, painting 🎨, and of course eating🍽.

Snowy: Those are all great, my favorite has to be eating though :hehe:

What’s your favorite foods/recipes?

Nene: Actually what I ate today is something simple that I always make when I’m hungry.. it’s called garlic Parmesan butter noodles.. and it’s literally what it says it is .. cooked noodles, garlic salt, Parmesan cheese, and butter!

As for my favorite types of food my top 3 favorite would have to be dim sum, walnut shrimp, and burgers

Snowy: That noodle recipe sounds amazing, I’m going to try it sometime

You mentioned you like painting, is there anything in particular you like to paint?

Nene: I tend to really paint however I’m feeling! So usually it’s not any specific thing.. it just helps me release :bluepup:

Snowy: That’s really great :luv:

Is there anything you’d like to say to the readers before we end?

Nene: I just wanted to let you all know you’re amazing :blushycat: .. you all are truly my big family! Thank you for supporting me and helping me along the way in HF!

That’s all for this week! Thank you for reading, and make sure you say hi to Nene next time you see her in the chat. Remember to leave a comment below if you enjoyed reading, see you next time Helpers!

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