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Howdy Helpers! We meet again on this glorious gracious day to celebrate and honour 4 of the most influential people in Help Force, as they retired from their Leader positions. Helpers logged on Zipline, CPRewritten where we did various formations, funny tactics and visited different rooms. Thank you, Ayan, Elp, Vedant and Nell for leading and thank you, everyone, for attending this memorable event! Everyone performed very well and I hope you had fun too! Congratulations to Wynn, the new Help Force Leader and best of luck on your journey! Best of luck, Help Force in the upcoming tournament!

P.S. Don’t forget to burn the chat once in a while…

Max: 47+







Comment below if you attended and tell us what you thought about this event!

Keep unleashing the power of Helping!






One Response

  1. I love you guys, ty for being the best leaders and friends you could possibly be! Event was amazing!
    Excited for our new journey!

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