December Art Contest Results

The raccoon and (alleged) food thief is back with another post! The December Art Contest has officially ended, as you all know. Thank you to everyone who participated! Of course, everyone has done an amazing job and all submissions are beautiful, but it is now time to find out who the winner is.

Note: We have decided to include both of the round’s winners in one ranking!


In first place comes the one and only Sophie (cocopoco#8600)! She proved herself to be a truly wonderful artist in both of the Art Contest rounds, with three submissions, all traditional art! 

Round 1: Olaf and Penguin meetup; Cartoons/CPR/HF; Round 2: Jessica Rabbit Christmas




In second place we have another lovely artist! Jerryyy (Jerryyy#8163), with two submissions, one for each round! Combining both digital and traditional air, he managed to create amazing artwork!

Round 1: Adventure Time Penguin; Round 2: Herbert takes the role of Grinch;



In third place comes the beloved goose, plotter (plotter12#5645) with some impressive edits for both rounds!

Round 1: Phineas and Ferb/CPR, Pokemon CPR cards; Round 2: Adventure Time/CPR


This is the Top 3 winners of our Art Contest! Now, some honorable mentions:

In order: Ally (ILikeChimken#8341), Delitager(Delitager#5961), Richi(gamerrichi#2515), Scorp (Scorp#9455)

Once again, congratulations to all winners and not only, thank you for participating and submitting your art!


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