Hello Helpers! Today we logged on to CPR and conducted a wonderful AUSIA event led by Scorp and other staff members. Nelly Jelly was there too and we got a stamp together! 😀 This event came with a surprise though :0 At the end, a few Junior Staff members got promoted to General. Congratulations to our dear king Goos and cricket fan, Sammy <3
This fun event featured plenty of funny tactics and many Pokemon references. Thank you, Professor Scorpion, for our first Pokemon lesson!

Make sure that you comment below and let us know if you enjoyed the event.

MAX: 26+




Keep unleashing the power of helping!


Sam Chilles

Help Force General

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  1. I used to be in the help force, but some time in november 2020 I got locked outta my discord account, plus I was like 8 at that time so yeah because I’m underage I can’t be on the help force anymore, BUT hope you guys are well! Also I know I was retarded back then.

    • Do you remember your Discord username or the name you went by in 2020?
      I’m not sure if you recognize Barney / Barnito / Vedant, that’s me btw

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