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Hey Helpers! Welcome back to Faces of the Force, the series where a new helper is interviewed as we get to know them better! This week I interviewed the amazing ASV!

ASV first joined Help Force nearly a year ago, and he has since become an important part of our Help Force community. He can be seen frequently in chat, as well as in the voice chats. Read the interview below to learn more about him!

Snowy: Hey ASV!

ASV: Hey there Snowy 👋

Snowy: Thank you for doing this interview with me! I’ll start with a classic question: when did you first join Help Force? 

ASV: Oh the first time was probably around last year (2020) in Fall, I left and then rejoined around Spring-Summer (April 2021)

Snowy: Oo interesting! What inspired you to come back? 

ASV: Well I got a new invite and said that I’ll try it out

Snowy: Well I’m very glad you came back :luv: What are some things that you enjoy doing outside of HF?

ASV: Generally doing stuff with friends playing Games, Talking, watching Anime or Movies, etc

Snowy: Games are always fun :huehue: Are you playing anything right now?

ASV: I was playing Minecraft with some friends

Snowy: Sounds like fun :catluv: You mentioned you watch anime, is there a series you enjoy or would recommend?

ASV: Oh there are so many, I’ve actually watched The Promised Neverland and started watching How To Take Care of A Mummy with some people from HF

Snowy: That’s awesome :luv: Back to HF-related questions, what’s something you hope to achieve in Help Force? 

ASV: There’s nothing specific that I want to achieve (aside of making Walver go insane hehe), I just help around with whatever I can, go with the flow and make new friends.

Snowy: That’s great! good luck with the walver thing lol. Is there anything you’d like to say to the readers before we end? 

ASV: Heya guys 👋, if you’re up to having some fun with people with a common interest we welcome you with open arms 😄


That’s all for this week! Thank you for reading, and make sure you say hi to ASV next time you see him in the chat! Remember to leave a comment below if you enjoyed reading, see you next time Helpers!


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