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Welcome back to the fantastic column Get To Know Your Staff! In this series, we interview some of the staff members of the Help Force and find out more about them. And I, Scorp, will be your host for today!

This week’s edition throws the limelight on our newest General- I thought it would be a good idea to interview her while she still holds the mantle of the newest General. However, do not mistake her comparatively less time spent as a staff member for inexperience. From the very day she joined as a staff member, she has proved herself in not just her exceptional leading skills and depth of knowledge about the Help Force but also by upholding the positive vibes that are expected from a staff member. She certainly displays the qualities of a true leader (albeit a slightly reluctant one) and great taste in graphics (check out her profile banner). So without further ado, let’s delve into the interview with Vixx of the Help Force!

Scorp: Welcome to the interview, Vixx. If you haven’t heard this yet, there have been rumors that you actually bribed your way to staff ranks. Can you tell me if this is true? And if so, then who did you bribe?

Thanks for having me here.. but wow, wonder who has been telling these lies :sus: It’s the first time I have heard about it.. I’m too nice to do these kind of crimes, if anything they all have been paying me for this…

Scorp: Whoa, what exactly do you mean by ‘paying me for this’?

Vixx: HAHA, well that was a nice joke I added since we all know that staff doesn’t get payed, nor do we get food, sadly…

That is very true but I still have my doubts now… was it just a joke or a slip up that she covered? Definitely worth investigating later, you can expect a post about this once my investigation yields some fruit… moving on:

Scorp: Congratulations on surviving the meme round of questions, let us move on to the actual interview now. I would like to start at the very beginning of your career in HF – How did you get recruited into our glorious gracious motherland? What is the story behind your arrival?

Vixx: I was actually recruited from the game during one of the recruitment segments… It’s funny, because it was the first time in years I played the game, I just got very bored and decided to bring back some childhood memories… Not sure if I would’ve ever logged back in again haha… Then I saw Diwix he was asking something about stamps and telling about this group of people and I was like yeah I like to collect stamps lol… didn’t know he was actually serious at first, but he kept asking and I was like damn ok, why not.. So I ended up here.. didn’t took long for me to fell in love with this place..

Scorp: What was the thing about HF that made you fall in love with it?

Vixx: I feel like it was the people here, that made me feel welcomed.. They always made sure that i know when something is happening, answered my questions that sometimes didn’t even made sense haha.. I must say HF never sleeps and there is always something to do, so i was having a lot of fun and that definitely helped to go on with my HF journey

Scorp: What is your favorite memory of being in HF?

Vixxy: I feel like it’s impossible to answer this question, so much has happened since i joined and I always try to enjoy every single thing we do here… Be it a big battle or a casual conversation… So it really isn’t just one thing.. tournaments are always fun, CCX was probably my favourite.. All of the chaos that were caused, sleeping segs, stamp segs.. But like I said it’s hard to choose just one favourite memory..

Scorp: (pulls gun out) c h o o s e 🙂

Vixx: wow, this is lovely.. well while we are at it, I wouldn’t say it’s my favourite, but definitely one I will not forget.. Back went I went for GoTW and it was almost impossible to sleep because of how close the competition was, I remember to set my alarm at 3am to get like a 2h sleep so I could attend a stamp segment and surprise surprise, I woke up just to find out that Phoenix forgot and it started an hour later… You gotta love it haha…

Scorp: Well your dedication has certainly been enduring enough to get you to staff ranks. How was your experience as a Junior Staff member? 

Vixx: I actually enjoyed it a lot, learned new things not just about Help Force, but about myself as well.. It was a new experience and probably something I needed to realize if I even want to go for a staff.. At times it felt like others wanted it more than me haha.. I mean took me long enough

Scorp: What is your goal as a General? What do you hope to accomplish as a staff member?

Vixx: Amazing question, I’m still kinda new to this, and I’m sure there is still so much else for me to learn.. I’m definitely looking forward to that… But to answer your question, I feel like it’s always about helping each other out, and making this a good experience for everyone in the community.. To make sure that everyone feels welcomed.. Be able to lead events like my fellow staff members, while also have some fun with it ofc :run:

Scorp: What are your hobbies outside of the virtual world?

Vixx: Oo that’s a good question.. I actually enjoy a lot of things, painting, drawing, even though I don’t do it very often. LOVE sports, specially basketball, it’s something very, very close to my heart and always has been.. Probably sounds boring, but I also really enjoy reading, speaking of which someone could recommend me a good book, haha 🙂

Scorp: Which subjects do you like the most in school? Do you actively participate in/watch any sports?

Vixx: Now they will definitely think that I’m a nerd for saying this.. But math was actually my favourite in school, I liked Latvian as well since I was just good at it lol

Scorp: Do you like broccoli? Also, chocolate ice cream or vanilla ice cream?

Vixx: HAHAHAHAHA, this has to be a trick question, I just don’t know why yet xD But yes, I guess I can say that

And growing up I always liked vanilla ice cream more, but now I’m more like a fan of chocolate ice crea-


*clears throat* Hmm.. that’s probably not the most ideal ending to an interview especially when I was the one who requested for it… oh well. This is getting a bit depressing – why is everyone other than me being interviewed? Someone interview me as well smh, I’ve achieved a lot too ;-; signing off,

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  1. DiVixx real ,get your sleep schedule right + nice job scorp on de interview.

    “Yours faithfully”

  2. All Staff members must like broccoli. That’s a requirement. :salute:


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