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Salutations Helpers! Today we logged onto CPR to fight against Rebel Penguin Federation in the Legends Cup XI Finals! Our performance was exceptional with solid formations and great speed thanks to all the Helpers that answered the call to arms! The battle was led by Vedant, Nell and Joe and resulted in an outcome of 2-1 in RPF’s favor. Nevertheless, the fight was close and we couldn’t be more proud of everyone! With reaching the Finals and proving ourselves a worthy opponent of RPF, we once again showed that Help Force is a force to be reckoned with! Congratulations RPF on winning the Trophy and see you in the finals next time!

MAX: 80+

Comment below if you attended this historical battle!

Battle Attendees:

Vedant. Nell. Joe. Jayden. Walver. Janez. Robby. mantiuxx. AbsoluteTrash123. Snowy. ASV. Archana. Salaar Ahmed. alex1904. £Xtra. Súmmer. kazuko. Caramel. Eshal. JJ_8. Shadow_Nick. SiriusBlack. NervousZippo. xdSky. Slush. Morty. Diwix. Syd. Mandal, drknessbtw. Snowflake Soft. Mayathefirst. İrem. imacrumb. ROOBOO. stixalli. Beasto. Phoenix. trintrin. Armin Alert. WiminHolo. Desireus. Wofu. Messy. Amelia. Dar’K. Wynn. Amy Santiago. Swager. gamerrichi. komal. RU. JustAb. PinguMaliz. haya. Vixx. rheana. alluringpineapple5k. Pavlosaurus36. thetical. RayyanGamer. NIKO. Fxtima. Jason_Red.

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