From Patient Zero To ‘Juanita Day’!

Every kingdom and country throughout history had an official holiday a National day, in our holy kingdom or Motherland (as some of you named it) We have Our Celebratory day as well ‘Juanita Day‘ it is time for You as an important member of Help Force to know your Heritage.

Juanita Day is an authoritative rejoicing day We HF celebrate on the 15th day of every month, why? it all started with one lovely girl Juanita a former chief we all know of her majestic legacy and impact, she joining our inveterate HF army on 26th December 2018, among Juanita’s great goodness she owned a quality no other had a quality got noticed by all staff members,

Juanita made a lot of Typos‘ said Elp.

How & When was ‘Juanita Day‘ first celebrated?

Elp as a moderator for the first time ever decided to abuse his permissions by pinging @EVERYONE to announce that there has been a discovery.

A recently found Disease that caused people to have Horrendous Typos, Named JTS or Juanita Typing Syndrome‘ again said Elp.

That day a Chaos Beast was born alone with a lovely new tradition which was not yet declared as National Holiday, at April Fool’s 2019 Staff stated their Love to Juanita by changing EVERYONE’s identity to Juanita, the first instigator Elp had a magnificent idea that day to celebrate ‘Juanita Day‘ on the 30th of every month, but HF did not implement the celebration until June of that year.

Sources have confirmed when the discovery was first found ‘Juanita Day‘ was celebrated every week of June.
After two weeks of prospecting to get this info, back then they did not take pictures out of events (by then I mean 2019).

HF National Holiday!

Even though ‘Juanita Day’ was proclaimed to be National Holiday for Help Force it did not have repercussion among people until it was moved to be celebrated on the 15th unto September 2019 when Elp retired, on 15th December 2019 promptly after Helper ExodusJuanita Day‘ was restored to be celebrated every month to honor the JTS she bestowed upon us until Today 15th October 2020.

Facts about ‘Juanita Day

Juanita Hated ‘Juanita Day‘ Help Force members had her name and profile picture which was very perplexing even to staff, she always tried stopping the takeover by threatening to leave or deleting her profile picture or even pleading not to join the takeover because she won’t like you anymore, which all got washout With We Love You Juanita however, all the pursuits to claim her please or to conquer her hatred were fiasco Juanita saw it as

a form of bullying against me“.

Our beloved Help Force organized an Event for ‘Juanita Day‘ on the 15th of February 2020 there was a Banner made for that occasion and a command to be used by all Special for ‘Juanita Day‘ which is now monopoly for ‘GoTWGamer Of The Week‘.

While HF the ‘JTS-JUANITA‘ command is granted to be used by all members and visitors of HF, enjoy HF hospitality.


Stop saying wow, what Elp meant by this is that he invited Juanita back to the server on 22th August 2020, but Crystal did recruit Juanita originally.
Oh Elp, there is no Sandwiches too XD.

On 8th May 2020 Juanita retired 15th May 2020Juanita Daywas the sorrowful ‘Juanita Day‘ in the history of HF, Juanita constantly says she misses Help Force and,

Juanita day is confusingggg‘.

Juanita Day‘ on HFIsland!

On the 23rd August 2020 Juanita came back Home to visit our Help Force Family, our HFI Team imparted Juanita and us all with gifts upon her arrival, a custom Pin and a Code were available for twenty-four hours to be claimed.

Step into theJuanita Day Gallery to see YOUR memories all Old & New of ‘Juanita Day‘.

HAPYP JUSNITA DYA from Me to You Lovely HF

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