GoTW #164

Congrats to Swager Gamer on earning his second Gamer of the Week! He is a very dedicated troop and spends lots of time recruiting, as well as participating in Arcadium events. Well done!

GoTW #156

Congrats to Plotter12 on earning his second Gamer of the Week award! Plotter is an iconic member of HF, and you can always find him in chat, giving people grapes and bread. Well done, goos!

GoTW #154

CHIRP CHIRP CHIRP!! Beating up his companion, here comes Ivelkov who won the Gamer of the Week title swift like Falcon. He was splendid and his efforts were truly appreciable as he worked his way towards earning the reward. It was just last year when he was struggling with the ways of the Army and getting familiar with every chaos that goes around. Currently, he is trying to work his way up to getting Staff and it won’t be long till the day arrives. Usually, he is one of the spontaneous Jackbox games hosts who will be found spamming an image of spraying water on CPU just because he loves to do that and reply with “aaa” anytime if asked about anything. Ivelkov has his own unique and dynamic personality and it is always fun talking to him in chat. Congratulations Birdie on this achievement and keep making HF a better place like always!

GoTW #153

We congratulate one of our amazing members, a young wolf who never gave up, nor even when his internet isn’t working very well, our Walver! Winning a total of 12 GoTW titles, breaking several records such as Katty’s 11 win record and Katty’s 9 wins in a row. His thirst for Sapphires is unquenchable. If he owes you any bot money, I need to inform you that he is now insured by HF Insurance Policies 😎 Good luck on your path as Junior Staff, Walver! P.S. waffles>>pancakes & make a counter command for Zippo.

GoTW #152

Without even taking a break, Walver has continued his streak of wins and now has a total of eleven Gamer of The Week titles! Knowing that he has ten wins in a row, he has beaten Katty’s record of consecutive wins. Congrats on another win wolfy! He now needs just one more win to set a new milestone for GoTW Records. No one has ever surpassed after Katty’s benchmark of 11 GoTW titles. Will our Walver be able to break the record and get his name engraved in Help Force history as the member with the highest number of GoTW wins? Will he be able to win one more time?

GoTW #151

The Lone Wolf has done it! Surpassed Maurox’s record of 8 consecutive wins and currently holds ten Gamer of The Week titles after intensive weeks of hard work, passion and determination to maintain a steady lead with sapphires! We are proud of you and congrats again Walver!

GoTW #150

The big man has finally tied with Maurox by winning his ninth Gamer of The Week title! He needs another consecutive win to surpass Maurox’s record back in 2019. Will our wolf be able to secure one more win or not? Everything’s uncertain till next week 😜

GoTW #149

Big man like Walver eh? The HF Wolf has been in lead and won his 8th Gamer of The Week title now! Knowing he has 7 wins in a row, can he surpass Maurox’s 8 run record? 😮 Guess we have to wait and watch what happens in the upcoming week! Nonetheless, congratulations Walver!

GoTW #148

Really happy to announce that Walver won his seventh Gamer of The Week title and its now six in a row! Amazing job! He’s always around to give a helping hand, sapphire hungry always and is now working hard as a Junior Staff! Congratulations and hope you get a good record going! Keep helping, bonking and lastly, awooo!

GoTW #147

Awooo says the wolf of Help Force as he bags his 6th Gamer of The Week title! Showing no sign of stopping or slowing down, Walver has maintained the lead of five consecutive GoTW titles so far! He is a symbol of determination and hard work for all the members in our army. Congratulations to our wolfy Walver!