GoTW #90

Congratulations to Ru on winning her first GoTW title! After being in the running for a few weeks, she’s finally come out on top and got her hands on the illusive GoTW role! Great job and keep it up!

GoTW #89

Congratulations to Aoao 6 who after long last has finally won his 3rd GoTW award to earn the brand new GoTW Specialist role and honour. One of the iconic 2019 members has been back at it again, coming back into activity for one final week to sweep another quality week of segment attending and hard-work!

GoTW #88

Congratulations to Chickn Strips on winning his first GoTW award! His effort this week has been exceptional and his truly deserving of his victory this week! Great job!

GoTW #87

Congratulations to Wynn on dominating the leaderboard and wynning her first GoTW title! Great job on being the 50th different GoTW winner!

GoTW #86

Congratulations to Jc for winning her first GoTW! May this be the first of many! Great job!

GoTW #85

Congratulations to GoTW #85, Snowflake! Another well deserved GoTW award! Keep up the good work!

GoTW #84

Congrats Riley on winning your first GoTW! May this be the first of many…

GoTW #83

Congratulations to Angel on winning this week’s GoTW! Well done!

GoTW #82

Congratulations to Snowflake❄Soft for winning their first GoTW! Great job!

GoTW #81

Congratulations Taylor on a well earnt GoTW! May this be the first of many!