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Juanita Day – The Beginners Guide

ZIPLINE, Scorp’s Office – It is finally Juanita Day, one of the most awaited festivals of the Help Force. For the last three months, we did not celebrate Juanita day in order to prepare for the third Juanita Day event in the history of the Help Force. The other two events were held in 2020 and 2021. So yeah, you can consider this as a very rare event! Let’s delve into the tradition that is Juanita Day.

Happy Juanita Day Banner

This year’s Juanita Day Banner

Juanita Day is a special event that we celebrate in honor of one of our former Second in Commands, Juanita. Back in 2019, scientists discovered the existence of Juanita Typing Syndrome. Juanita as a staff member was one of the very best, often described as “the definition of sweetness”. However, she had a shortcoming – she made a lot of typos. And it soon became obvious that this habit transferred to people around her. That is how Juanita became Patient Zero of the JTS, and the syndrome spread exponentially across the server.

When Elp first announced JTS to everyone in 2019, chaos ensued (as expected of anything related to Elp). Everyone changed their pfps to the pfp Juanita was using, and their nicknames to Juanita. Thus, Juanita Day was born. Elp declared that Juanita Day would become a Help Force national holiday, however, the actual festival wasn’t properly celebrated until after the HF Exodus.

An interesting fact to note about this festival is that Juanita will always say that she absolutely hates it. She will say that she considers it as a form of bullying against her. However, the truth is that she knows we do it only to celebrate her greatness and the immense contribution she made to the Help Force, and more importantly, to show our love towards the spelling-impaired 2ic!

On the 15th of every month, Juanita Day is celebrated. When the practice first began, Juanita threatened to leave the server if it wasn’t stopped, and begged people to not get involved – all in vain as even her friends joined in! Eventually she had fun during the festival as well. After Juanita retired, for a while, Juanita Days were celebrated without her presence. That was until Elp re-recruited her into HF in August 2020, and to celebrate the revival of Juanita Day festivals, Help Force Island launched a series of new features for the celebrating people to enjoy.

The current tradition of Juanita Day involves setting your nicknames to “Juanita but <insert anything you wanna put here>”. You may also switch pfps to the one Juanita currently has, but it is not as common these days. Making typos is another common trend that occurs on Juanita Days! This June, we have also begun officially distributing the sandwiches Elp promised for the first time ever! Keep an eye out in general chat to claim a sandwich. And most importantly, enjoy the festivities! There will be an EU/US Juanita Day event later on, don’t forget to log on for it! There’s many more games planned as well so stay tuned 😀

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