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Spill The Tea – Juanita

Welcome to Spill The Tea! A column full of jokes, gossip, and entertainment! The sixth edition of this column, hosted by Delitager, brings Juanita to the spotlight.

Today, we interviewed one of the most famous ex-staff members, the queen of Juanita Day – Juanita herself. Juanita is an ex Second in Command of the Help Force. She gained fame for being one of the most dedicated and one of the sweetest people of her era. At the same time, she was infamous for her typos. This eventually became so popular that a whole new festival called Juanita Day was invented, where people make typos and change their nickname to Juanita. If anyone made a typo in HF, they were subjected to a series of tests, that would then reveal if they had been infected by the Juanita Typing Syndrome (JTS).

It is quite incredible for a person to be popular more than two years after their time as a staff member. Even today, Juanita is popular in the Help Force, although most of the culture and the people from her era have faded away to make way for new stuff. To know more about Juanita, I invited her to Spill The Tea!

Editor’s Note: Responses have been edited to correct grammar and to prevent the spread of JTS.

Welcome to Spill The Tea! This is your host Delitager and today we will be spilling tea, old bad blood and some fresh blood too!

Do I say something now or-

How were you recruited into the Help Force?

I was recruited into HF by Crystal through a stamp segment on CPO ( 🤮 ). They were helping someone with the igloo stamp and I thought it was really cool, so yeah here I am

What’s your favourite memory of HF?

It would definitely be the VC parties and Elp adventures. It would be all of us just yelling out the lyrics, but it was so so much fun and honestly one of the best things at the time in HF

Elp adventures?

Yeah, Elp used to take us on his “adventures”, he would talk to us while he was going out for something
It was genuinely pretty entertaining, I never missed a single one

Elp is fr the greatest thing that ever happened to HF VCs!

Which is why elp is the greatest 💪

What was your favourite event back in the days when you were active?

Oh god hmm
Oh oh it would be the events during the Harry Potter week!
The entire week was filled with fun, so the events happening that week had a lot of hype. Other than that, I don’t think I have a favourite event

How did you come up with your name?

Initially, my name in hf was ‘barbietails’ as it was my original Club Penguin username. But, for obvious reasons, I decided to change it to this
My friends refer to me as Juanita so I just thought I’d keep that

Barbietails wheeze, what do you miss most about your time as 2ic in HF?

Idk what was going on in my head barbietails
I miss bossing people around and muting them😔
Not to mention the role colour 🤌
But on a serious note, I enjoyed handling things behind scenes and organizing events, fun events etc

I bet every person who retired misses bossing and muting people. Does HF today differ from the Help Force back when you first became active here?

I mean in some ways definitely, the people around when I was active are no longer there. They were the people I talked to almost everyday and so it’s different in that sense
But HF has a whole hasn’t changed, it has grown yes but it always has the same fun vibe

If you still talk to them in dms then it’s better 😀 next question, how did Juanita day become a thing?

One word, Elp.
Elp got people to change their names to ‘Juanita’ and put the same pfp as me and make typos. Basically, just make fun of me 💔
And they really enjoyed bullying me so they did this every now and then. Eventually, it became a monthly thing

Bullying is fun though! Do you enjoy the Juanita day festival?

I do not. I despise it. I hate it with my whole heart

That hurt, what do you hate in HF other than Juanita day?

Hm Juanita day, that’s it tbh nothing else. Well I had a love hate relationship with gambling so there’s that

Why do you hate that?

As in when I lose all my money, feel like murdering UnbelievaBoat then

Same tbh. Like Juanita day, is there any other takeover you’d like to have in HF?

Oh like to have? Elp day where everyone is as chaotic as Elp for a day
Why does Elp keep coming up in my answers
Or a bully staff day, that’d be good too

I agree with this 100 percent (I can’t find the percent symbol). I heard that your taste in music is impeccable, can you share some of your favourite songs and playlists with us?

My music taste is all over the place so it’s hard for me to have a favourite song, but a song I’ve always enjoyed would be help herself by bbno$



What’s your favourite song to blast in VC and spam the lyrics of with your friends?

Witch doctor
Always and forever
No song can beat that in a vc party
Don’t know where I’d be without that song

I just heard Witch Doctor, I regret hearing this.

You don’t know the power the song held back then
Tbf it was just me being obsessed witb it but yeah

Amazing, in your opinion, what is the best and worst typo you’ve ever made?

God I genuinely can’t remember a specific typo I’ve made but the worst types are the ones made during an event or battle
Oh and accidentally swearing^

I would have loved to see that. Now, what are your hobbies other than making typos?

Ah I enjoy listening to music ofc playing badminton & table tennis and occasionally swimming

What’s your favourite food?

Anything with potatoes or chicken
Hate seafood with passion so definitely not that

Ay potatoes lovely, what would be your favourite TV show or movie

Would have to be How i met your mother & Rick and morty

Great, what would be your favourite animal

It would easily be cats
Love all cats so very much

No they’re scary, where would you go if you were on vacation

Noo they’re the sweetest things in the world
If I was on vacation I’d love to go to Italy and I’ve been wanting to for a while too

Ay nice, we shall end now. Do you have anything to say to the
red ears

oh god I have jts now

All I have to say is ooh eeh ooh ah ah ting tang walla walla bing bang
Thank you for having me!!


That’s it for this week! Thanks for reading, we’ll see you next week with some more tea!

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