Hey there Helpers, The AUSIA DIVISION had a CPR Dance Party today in which we wore our CPR Jerseys with adorned colors and had an Amazing Event with various Bombs and Tactics lead by Barney. We earned stamps and managed to Max around 30 Penguins, And Recruited New People for it !  HF AUSIA is growing strong !

Max : 30

Comment if you Attended !

16 Responses

  1. Was there! HF HF HF!

  2. i attended!

  3. i was there had to leave just as we went to lounge- dest

  4. i was theree

  5. I attended! Amazing event 🙂

  6. I attended but only for 8-10 minutes sadface

  7. I was there -Storm(naji2)

  8. I was there

  9. Very Nice Tactic Burrnito

  10. i was there!

  11. I attended!

  12. Attended

  13. I attended UwU

  14. I was there ^-^

  15. Attended!

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