Battle Guide


Tactics are used in all events that we hold on CPR or CPATG. They are basically Words or Emotes, which need to be done throughout the Event. The Leader of the event will shout them out, such as “E7 ON 3” which once they count to 3 on discord you will use the emoji by pressing E + 7 on your keyboard creating the Wink Face on Club Penguin. It’s simple! With a number of other users repeating the same emoji it can create lots of intricate patterns that look amazing! Be sure to take pictures!

Similarly, The other kind of Simple tactics include Words. These include Leaders telling everyone to type a certain Phrase, For ex. “Unleash the Power of Helping”. On the count of 3, Everyone needs to enter it together on CP and keep copying and pasting it until another tactic is announced.

Example of a Battle :

Some of the Common Tactics used by HF are :

  • Room Change – This means changing the room, The Leaders would tell you to “Open Maps”. On the count of 3, You would need to switch to the Room announced doing a certain emote.
  • Bomb – Bombing means running in ANY DIRECTION doing a certain tactic announced.
  • Waterfall – Waterfall means running UP AND DOWN performing a certain tactic.
  • Rake – Rake means running LEFT TO RIGHT performing a certain tactic.
  • Wipe – Wiping means running to the OPPOSITE SIDE as announced and staying there after doing the tactic.
  • Tornado – Tornado means running in the CLOCKWISE DIRECTION doing a certain tactic.
  • Spearhead – Spearheading means [Only if you are in a Circle] RUNNING TOWARDS THE CENTER doing a certain tactic and RETURN BACK TO YOUR POSITION doing the same tactic.
  • Fatal 4 – This is a Collection of 4 Tactics done in succession. NO COUNTDOWNS are done for Fatal 4. You need to pay attention to the chat and do the Tactic as soon as the Leader tells you.

Note : Remember to keep doing the Tactics for atleast 6-7 Seconds.


When entering a new room or after using a bombing tactic, you will most likely be put into a new Formation. A Formation is basically the way we organize ourselves in the Event. It can be various Lines, A Plus, An X, Etc.

Remember : Do NOT Bunch. Bunching means sitting on top or very close to each other. That makes us look small. Make sure you have atleast a Visible Gap with the penguin next to you.


We use all of the above to go into a Battle. There are other armies in the Community who also train like us. We Battle them in Wars, Practice Battles, Tournaments, Etc. Battling is similar to a Normal Army Event, But you need to be more aware and hold tactics more longer in a Battle to defeat the other army.

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